ASEAN Public Relation Conference 2017 took place in Trans Resort Bali on 20-24 September, where PR professionals from many countries including, Brazil, Ireland, Thailand, Philippines and many more attended the event to share their findings and opinions on “Communicating ASEAN’s Global Competitiveness”.

The conference started off with a “Call For Abstracts” workshop, which provided an opportunity for scholars and researchers to submit and, if chosen, present their findings to an audience of professional peers so they may benefit from their feedback and review. The workshop aimed at gaining more knowledge in “how to get into academic journals”. From all the submissions that were received only 30 were chosen to be presented, which later resulted in Dr. Philipa Mules from Auckland University to win best abstract.


The rest of the APRC conference took place on the 21-22 of September 2017 where speakers from all over discussed important key areas of discussion such as; ASEAN and People: Insights, Political Communications in ASEAN, ASEAN and the PR Industry, ASEAN and the Global Community, and many more. After speakers were finished presenting a number of Q & A’s were brought up which allowed people to interact with each other and express their opinions on certain topics.
Overall the APRC 2017 was a huge success which helped bring PR professionals and the ASEAN community closer together to share and support each other to better improve and communicate effectively.