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The second ASEAN PR Conference was held on April 29, 2019, hosted by Kuching, Sarawak, and the ASEAN PR Network (APRN) in collaboration with the Institute of PR Malaysia (IPRM) and the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management (GAPRCM).

29th April Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia – The ASEAN PUBLIC RELATIONS NETWORK (APRN) in collaboration with GLOBAL ALLIANCE FOR PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT and INSTITUTE PUBLIC RELATIONS MALAYSIA (IPRM) announced the winners of the 2nd ASEAN INTERNATIONAL PR EXCELLENCE AWARDS to celebrate the most outstanding, inspiring and successful campaigns, individuals and companies in ASEAN communications industry.

Dear APRN Friends, The 2nd ASEAN PR Conference and 2nd ASEAN PR Excellence Awards have come and gone. Their success is due to the great collaboration and hard work of ASEAN PR Network, Institute of PR Malaysia and Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management. I would like to thank all the committees who […]

Plenty has been written about the power and popularity of podcasts. The number of people tuning in continues to climb with 48 million Americans listening on a weekly basis. However, those figures pale in comparison to the reach of your average AM/FM radio program. With 93 percent of the U.S. tuning in, radio is still one of the […]

For almost a decade, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’s annual State of the Profession report has explored the trends, issues and challenges facing public relations. It is the largest and most Statitically robust investigation of its kind.