Membership Category


1: Regular Membership: Open to all public relations practitioners who are citizens of Indonesia, and/ or international citizens in ASEAN environment. Regular members must possess certification in the filed of public relation issued by an association or certification body from ASEAN countries.

Price for Regular Membership : USD 150/ Year

2: Institutional membership: Open to all education institution in Indonesia, and ASEAN countries which are approved and accredited by Indonesian Ministry of education and Culture or Educational Council in ASEAN Countries.

Institutional Membership : USD 250/yea

3: Academic membership: Open to academics with an educational background in the filed of public relations.

Academic Membership : USD 100/year

4: Student/Researcher membership: Open to all college or university students who are studying and undergoing research in the filed of public relation in Indonesian and other ASEAN countries.

Student/Researcher Membership : USD 50/year