09Aug 2018

Ms Chong Ee Rong, Group Managing Director, Ogilvy Singapore introduced Mr Tsun-yan Hsieh, Founder, LinHart Group to the audience with a list of never-ending accolades. Tsun-yan humbly addressed the audience and shared that he has never used a same opening address at talks. Tsun-yan went on to talk about his experiences in McKinsey and related to how he learned to influence stakeholders without authority. He explained the difference between manipulation and influence. “Manipulation” is when one influences you to his/her own selfish gain at your expense. This truly struck the audience.

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09Aug 2018

In the ASEAN-China Relationship framework, the Centre for ASEAN Public Relations Studies (CAPRS), which is the ASEAN Study Centre of LSPR-Jakarta, was invited by the Ambassador of China Mission to ASEAN, H.E. Xuang Xilian to attend the China Mission – LSPR Youth Cultural Gathering event at the Ambassador’s residence on Thursday, July 26, 2018. Continue reading

29Jun 2018

LSPR – Jakarta represented Indonesia at the ASEAN Omnimedia Seminar 2018 Mission of the People’s of Republic China for ASEAN invited ASEAN Public Relations Network (APRN) & STIKOM The London School of Public Relations (LSPR) – Jakarta to represent Indonesia at the ASEAN Omnimedia Seminar 2018. The seminar was also attended by other ASEAN countries such as Myanmar and Laos. Continue reading