08May 2018

Dear APRN Friends,

We live in one world, and most significantly we live in a borderless world era. We cannot distinguish and separate ourselves from one society to another. We cannot say that we belong to ASEAN Community or others only. We all create a Global Alliance – One Global Alliance, and education is what makes us neighbours and develops this world. And nowadays the role of Public Relations is very big because it helps us to communicate through ages, distance, and cultures. Continue reading

09Mar 2018

Padang, February 9, 2018 – To Commemorate National Press Day 2018, STIKOM – The London School of Public Relations (Jakarta) will provide scholarships to journalists and families of Indonesian journalists. A total of 590 scholarships will be given for programs in LSPR Undergraduate Program (S1) at LSPR Transpark Juanda, Postgraduate program (S2), Entrepreneur and vocational courses at the LSPR campus in Jakarta and Bali. Continue reading

09Mar 2018

The current world is becoming more about collaboration, technology led by communication and ethics. Indonesia is an initiator and producer of public relations (PR) practitioners in comparison to other nations from Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). However, the response should be from all member countries respectively. Today, Indonesia continues to open and improve its PR skills to sustain the development of the whole of ASEAN. Continue reading