Jakarta, 2st October 2018 – Facing the era of technological and information development. The 4th ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting Responsible for Information Working Group Meeting on ASEAN Digital Broadcasting (4th SOMRI WG ADB) was held in Bangkok on 20-21st September 2018. The meeting is a forum to update the development status of the implementation of broadcast digitalization in ASEAN as well as to share experiences and best practices that could be adopted based on the character and needs of each ASEAN country.

Photo session ASEAN Senior Officials on ASEAN Digital Broadcasting (4th SOMRI WG ADB)

ASEAN countries are committed to the Analogue Switch Off (ASO). Although currently the implementation status in each ASEAN country differs, there is general agreement that ASEAN will strive to achieve ASO in 2020.

Indonesia is in the process of transitioning from analog to Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting (DTTB). While waiting for the Revision of the Broadcasting Law to be passed by the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI), the Government of Indonesia is preparing the infrastructure needed to support ASO in 2020. At the moment, there are 63 TVRI digital transmitters already on air, which covers about 42% of the population. TVRI as a whole has 365 transmitter sites that mostly still broadcast analogously and revitalization to digital transmissions is required to increase the digital broadcast range.

Along with the rapid development of technology and information, ASO cannot be avoided. For this reason, Indonesia needs the revision of the Broadcasting Bill to be legalized as soon as possible because the document is not only important in the context of national level broadcasting, but also to Indonesia’s commitment to 4th SOMRI WG ADB.