Jose Velasco – President of Global Alliance gives a speech about How Public Relations Play Communication Value in a Numerous International Environment

On December 7, 2018, the 2nd Public Relations and Globalization Communication Summit and the 2018 Golden Flag Awards Ceremony were unveiled in Beijing. “The History of Chinese Cultural Communication and Public Relations” was exhibited at the same time. This is the first exhibition of development history in the field of Public Relations. It pays tribute to the 40 years of reform and opening up from the perspective of Public Relations, and unveiled a new page in the industry to promote business prosperity and social progress.


At the conference, Public Relations experts from home and abroad shared the past, present and future of Public Relations from the perspectives of intelligence and business value, and gave Chinese Public Relations practitioners greater inspiration and expectation in terms of internationalization, professionalism and forward-looking.

Mr. José Velasco, Chairman of the Golden Flag Awarding Unit and President of the Global Public Relations and Communication Management Alliance, delivered a keynote speech entitled “How Public Relations Play Communication Value in a Numerous International Environment”. His repeated emphasis on “globalization” includes values, thinking, awareness, links, concerns, solutions, and the use of a global perspective.


In the globalization trend, Mr. José Velasco summarizes eight cores: super transparency, authenticity, goal, omni-channel smooth cooperation, common creation, entertaining information, artificial intelligence and emotional intelligence, and cross-functional trends. In the face of globalization, Public Relations is undergoing digital transformation. He believes that this is not a technical issue, and the most challenging is the transformation of organizational organizations.


Mr. José Velasco is very clear about the “values” of Public Relations: “There are some short-term events, short-term profits, and we have a long-term perspective. The long-term will create value for the company, which is to create intangible assets. Intangible assets include the brand’s reputation, customer loyalty, employee stickiness and various relationships.” In today’s misunderstanding of Public Relations, practitioners must clearly define the concept and clearly communicate the value of their own industry. On the one hand, we constantly improve our professionalism and professionalism to defend what we have done.