Jakarta, Indonesia: Public Relations Association of Indonesia (PERHUMAS) took part in the success of the G20 multilateral forum meeting through “Indonesia Bicara Baik”.

The Chairman of Perhumas, Mr. Boy Kelana Soebroto, said,  this was to show the national and international public good things so Indonesia was able to become a society that transmits positive and good energy.

In addition, he continued, Perhumas must be a place of shared learning for all public relations practitioners in Indonesia through togetherness and collaboration to answer increasingly complex global challenges, which create uncertainty in various fields.

“Perhumas must be a barometer of Indonesian public relations. In addition, our competence must continue to develop due to increasingly complex challenges in the future,” said Mr. Boy in a written statement, Sunday (23/1/2021).

Meanwhile, according to the Honorary Council Member of Perhumas, representing the Honorary Council Chair Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani, cooperation is a must because there are no holy people anywhere, so it is necessary to collaborate with various parties, including public relations practitioners wherever they are.

“Indonesia must play a role as a public relations officer in ASEAN and internationally through the Indonesian campaign to speak well. Especially in the current crisis,” he explained.

On another note, Director General of Information and Public Communication Usman Kansong also asked Perhumas to be active in contributing progressive ideas to improve the quality of the G20 implementation.

“We show the world that we can be good hosts. Better than the previous meetings. We want the G20 meeting to belong to the community as well,” said Usman.

Usman hopes that Perhumas’ active role is to encourage people to take vaccines or boosters to maintain mutual immunity. “We hope this year will be the last year of the pandemic,” he said.

For information, Perhumas held the inauguration of the Central Executive Board (BPP) of Perhumas for the period 2021-2024 on Saturday (22/1/2022).

BPP Perhumas currently consists of 84 public relations practitioners for the 2021-2024 management. The Public Relations Board is filled with new faces, which embraces various corporate public relations practitioners, government agencies, media, researchers and also academics.

Original posted by https://www.cnbcindonesia.com/news/20220123105734-4-309679/perhumas-siap-sukseskan-forum-g20