17th February 2022: ASEAN PR Network and its partners support the Global Ethics Month February 2022. This year, Global Alliance Asia-Pacific Board Council presents the “Student and Practitioners Online Conference on Ethics” that will take place on Thursday, 17th February 2022.

The Global Alliance Ethics Month in February 2022 brings attention to the importance of ethics in communication in all areas of business, government, non-profit and education. It connects the PR and Communications professionals globally to discuss the current state of ethics and the ethical dilemmas we as professionals face in our daily work. Through webinars, videos, research and articles across regions and member associations, the Ethics Month brings forth experts’ insights and highlights topics such as Journalism Ethics and Standards, Ethics and the Media, Ethics in Employment Disability and Sustainability.

The conference will bring together 4 universities from the Asia Pacific region: LSPR Communication & Business Institute (Indonesia), Universiti Teknologi MARA – UiTM (Malaysia), Hosei University (Japan) and De La Salle University (Philippines) to share and participate in the conference.

Visit www.globalalliancepr.org or www.aseanprnetwork.org for more information