Latest research states that the main strategic issue for communications for the next years is to build and maintain trust across key stakeholders. Economic turbulence related to the global pandemic puts trust to the test and is strengthening the trend – so the momentum to put emphasis on ethics in communications and PR is here and now! Building and maintaining trust requires not only responsibility in actions, but also openness and transparency in all interactions – and communications driven by moral and values with honesty, fairness, and integrity as a foundation.

The Global Alliance Ethics Month in February 2022 brings attention to the importance of ethics in communication in all areas of business, government, non-profit and education. It connects the PR and Communications professionals globally to discuss the current state of ethics and the ethical dilemmas we as professionals face in our daily work.

Through webinars, videos, research and articles across regions and member associations, the Ethics Month brings forth experts’ insights and highlights topics such as:

  • Trust in media; what are the implications of the varying levels of trust in media for communication professionals in governments, corporations, NGOs across the globe?
  • How are algorithms and AI impacting stakeholder relations and what are the implications to communications and ethics?
  • Sustainability or greenwashing – how to communicate sustainability aspects in an ethical way?
  • and many other perspectives of ethics in life and in business, that we as communications professionals encounter.

Join the conversations to learn from colleagues across the globe – share content to boost awareness – and take part in advancing ethics and responsibility in communications! #EthicsMatter #EthicsMonth


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