The World Public Relations Forum (WPRF)

The Global Alliance’s signature program, virtually from the organization’s inception, has been its biennial assembly of public relations and communication professionals from around the world who meet to examine major issues affecting the profession and affected by the profession.

Every two years, the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management, the “United Nations” of public relations, brings together senior public relations practitioners for 3 days of communication, education and inspiration (in conjunction with a 1 day workshop for Association Leaders and 2 days of Global Alliance board meeting).

The World Public Relations Forum has become a unique opportunity to gather professionals with academics and students from across the world, to produce important outcomes for the advancement of the profession and share best practices.

The World Public Relations Forum helps achieve all four of the GA’s strategic priorities:

  • Sharing knowledge – through “big picture” thought leadership from leaders of the profession;
  • Raising standards – by facilitating small-group dialogue that enables the exchange of ideas and best practices in public relations education, credentialing, and practice;
  • Strengthening associations of public relations professionals by sharing best practices in association management and services for practitioners; and
  • Advocacy for the profession – by making a case for the value of public relations and commanding attention beyond the industry itself.


The World Public Relations Forum has been held:

  • 1st World Public Relations Forum, Rome, Italy, 2001
  • 2nd World Public Relations Forum, Trieste, Italy, 2004
  • 3rd World Public Relations Forum, Brasilia, Brazil, 2006
  • 4th World Public Relations Forum, Cape Town, South Africa, 2007
  • 5th World Public Relations Forum, London, United Kingdom, 2008
  • 6th World Public Relations Forum, Stockholm Sweden, 2010
  • 7th World Public Relations Forum, Melbourne, Australia, 2012
  • 8th World Public Relations Forum, Madrid, Spain, 2014
  • 9th World Public Relations Forum, Toronto, Canada, 2016
  • 10th World Public Relations Forum, Oslo, Norway, 2018


The 10th World Public Relations Forum was held on April 22-24, 2018 in Oslo, Norway and was hosted by the Norwegian Communication Association (NCA). Over 500 participants spent 3 days exploring how to improve ‘Value! Communication’s impact in a digital and ever-changing world’.

The 11 th World Public Relations Forum will be held on October 12-15, 2020 in Auckland, New Zealand and it will be hosted by the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ). For more information: and

The Structure of the WPRF

This flagship event combines the GA’s meetings (2 days board meeting and 1 day Association Leaders’ Workshop) with a full 3 day Forum (1 day of Research Colloquium and 2 days of Business Program) hosted by a member association. The Global Alliance and the host association work in close partnership.

The GA provides:    

  • its guidance in developing the content for the Forum
  • the prestigious World Public Relations Forum brand, built on eight previous WPRF events
  • its network of member associations on every continent
  • its own expertise
  • its expertise in designing and marketing events to the global public relations profession (*).


(*) MCI Global is the professional congress organizing partner of the GA since 2012 and supports GA and the host associations in the planning, administering and organizing of the WPRFs. MCI Global works in close partnership with GA, the host associations and their own local providers. This partnership allows GA and the host associations to remain fully focused on the development of congress content, directing resources towards key organizational initiatives to better serve the international community. This partnership guarantees high organizational standards, a consistent brand experience for each WPRF edition and a high return on investment (the only MCI’s remuneration consists in a small percentage on the congress registrations and the sponsorship income). An additional MoU needs to be signed between the national host association and MCI global.

The host association provides:

  • the venue for the Forum, the Association Workshop and the GA board meeting;
  • the organization of the WPRF in collaboration with MCI; and
  • the financing of the whole event, with a view to generating a target profit to help fund the vital programs of both the Global Alliance and the host association.


Criteria for Site Selection for the WPRF

  1. Cost: The host association has to work within budget to guarantee the required income, and if possible generate income to help fund the Global Alliance’s international programs.
  2. Capability: The organizing committee must demonstrate the capabilities to design, manage and market a world-class event for the global public relations community.
  3. Convenience: The site location must provide ease of travel in and out of city: airfares, convenience, and cost.
  4. Destination: Desirability of host city /country as a destination for business or cultural tourism.
  5. Geography: The event should rotate to key markets in which public relations is practiced around the world.
  6. Venue: The venue must offer guests a high-quality experience with sufficient meeting facilities to accommodate the full event program without leaving hotel. Provide sleeping rooms for all attendees.


The Process

  1. The board is inviting presentations from any interested parties at the GA board meeting on October, 2019.


  1. Proposals may be submitted by July 31, 2019. Here are the requirements for a proposal:
  2. Overview of proposed location: Profiles of host country, host PR association, host city, host venue.
  3. Governance structure: Names of conference committee, with their titles, roles/accountabilities and a brief profile of each member’s experience in developing and managing events and activities for public relations professionals.
  4. Program: What is your vision for the WPRF? This is an opportunity to outline initial themes, potential speaker commitments and top-line ideas (content or process) for the program. We would also welcome your thoughts on the process to engage and involve GA members in both program development and program delivery.
  5. Financial commitment: There would be an initial payment of a commitment fee of CHF 12’000 to support Global Alliance activities, plus a 50% share in any profit generated by the event. This ensures fair value for the use of the WPRF brand and GA endorsement, and also provides critical support to the Global Alliance’s international programs to raise standards, share knowledge, strengthen PR industry associations and advocate for the global public relations profession.
  6. Business plan & budget, including your assessment of any confirmed or potential sponsors.
  7. Marketing plan to build awareness and attract delegates from the global public relations community.


  1. The full GA board will evaluate yours and any other bid(s) based on the six criteria noted above.


  1. An evaluation and due diligence process would take place, with a final decision expected by end of 2019.


  1. Please send in your bids to the GA President-elect, Justin Green ( with a copy to GA CAO Mateus Furlanetto (, by July 31, 2019. Candidates will be invited to present to the full board in October 2019 (location to be confirmed).


  1. Contract negotiations will be finalized by April 2020. The GA and the host association will then start working on an action plan, agreeing clear milestones for the organization of the event, the dates of the event and the date of the public announcement.