Global Alliance: Now, more than ever, we need to promote respect, fairness, dialogue and understanding to combat the huge challenges created by polarization and misinformation. We need to build a society for all, a role for which we have a true vocation.

As trusted advisors of top decision makers in government, private companies, and NGO’s, Global Alliance have proven that guiding principles of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, when applied with consistency and rigor, result in better organizational performance. And, most importantly, those pillars are critical to nurture long term relationships with stakeholders and achieve mutual adjustment.

Global Alliance are proud of the insights and best practices of Global Alliance members from all continents, whose work is represented in the articles, webinars, and Dialogue Sessions you will enjoy during the month of June. Also collaborators from the Academia and prestigious third parties, have joined us to celebrate Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Month.

You can find the schedule and register for the live below.

We are all unique and worthy. We celebrate our diversity at Global Alliance, a diverse and inclusive organization for all!




Gladys Díaz, APR

Diversity, Inclusion & Equality Month Chair

GA Regional Delegate-at-Large