Happy New Year 2018, everyone. I am sure everyone has hit refresh as this new year starts with another 365 days for us to embrace. New Year 2018 unfolds this first month of January, so do with us here at APRN. Once again time to take a quick moment to step back and share my thanks and gratitude with all of you, the fantastic people we work with, new friends and members that we have met last year. I have the incredible privilege and honor to connect with, speak to, interact with and work with around the ASEAN and other parts of the world. I am so thankful each and every day to all of you for all you’ve done and the impact you made with us at APRN.

I truly appreciate all of the, “Thank you’s” and the feedback so many of you have shared with me regarding last year’s events, networking and activities with APRN. We look forward to communicating closely with our existing members, partners and stakeholders as we begin to start this year with our plans for the new year ahead of us, we encourage everyone as we work together in reaching out and to create a strong corporate framework, among us at APRN.

Happy New Year in 2018 for you, your friends, family and loved ones everywhere, from all of us here at APRN!



Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR