February 2018, Yuliana R. Prasetyawati, Head of CAPRS visited Denhaag and Groningen, Netherlands to promote ASEAN and offer collaboration research about ASEAN.

Yuliana with PieterYuliana visited Hanze University located in Groningen, Netherlands on February 22, 2018.  After the campus tour discussions took place regarding the latest developments of ASEAN and dialogue partner countries.

Mr Pieter Swieringa presented Yuliana with a book entitled “China and the European Union: Concord or Conflict”. One of the articles in the book discusses China, Japan and the New East Asia-towards a Change in World Hegemony. Rien Segers, article writer, offers a classic account of the ongoing power shift to the east in a multi-polar world.

Yuliana with Dr. Oliver

On 22 February 2018, Yuliana met with the research lecturer team lead by Dr. Oliver Nyirubugara from The Hague University to discuss a research collaboration. Yuliana also gave a presentation on ASEAN research and education activities conducted by CAPRS and APRN. As a result of the meeting CAPRS-LSPR Jakarta and The Hague University will conduct research collaboration about the Young Generation’s Perspective about ASEAN. The research method will be through survey of the students from The Hague University.

Yuliana with Dean

During her visit to The Hague University, Yuliana also gave a copy of the Proceedings of the ASEAN Public Relations Conference (APRC) to Mr. R. Rawal as Dean of Faculty of Management & Organisation. The APRC’s Proceedings will be put in The Hague University library.

Yuliana_guest lecturer

Yuliana was also a guest lecturer sharing information about her research.  The research she presented was about an Indonesian company’s campaign conducted.  In her presentation, Yuliana said that the main strength of this campaign is the use of the emotional approach by highlighting family elements which were delivered through storytelling.