JAKARTA, 19 December 2019 – The ASEAN Women’s Circle of Jakarta (AWC) and ASEAN Secretariat visited Sekolah Alam Tunas Mulia Bantar Gebang yesterday to make a donation to the school through Tunas Mulia Foundation. The in-kind contribution, raised by AWC through the ASEAN Food Festival in August 2016, included tables, chairs, cupboards, whiteboards, books and sports equipment.

“We are so thankful to AWC and ASEAN for the contribution to the school, especially the tables and chairs. For ten years, the students are studying in the classroom without tables and chairs. We are so happy that now the students can sit down and learn properly,” said Mr. Juwarto, Head of the Tunas Mulia Foundation and founder of Sekolah Alam Tunas Mulia.

The school is located in Bantar Gebang, the last garbage dump of Jakarta and nearby cities. Mountains of garbage can be seen from the school, and the smell is inevitable. Most of the students here help their parents as scavengers.

During the visit, AWC also shared with the students information about ASEAN. Mrs Ugi Pramono, President of the AWC ceremonially handed over the contribution and said, “We are thankful for the support we received from the community which allows us to be able to contribute to this school.”

Hanif, a ten-year-old student who correctly answered one of the quiz questions, said, “I am so happy today because I got to know more about ASEAN and its member countries. We only know about other countries from books, but today we have visitors from Myanmar and Singapore. It’s so cool!”

“We are very happy to have friends from ASEAN visiting the students because it can motivate them. We were visited by university students one time and the students were really motivated to get higher education. Now we have friends from ASEAN visiting us, and the students want to study harder so they can contribute to their country and ASEAN,” Mr. Juwarto added.

Earlier this month, ASEAN Secretariat and AWC also organised the ASEAN Education Day at Sekolah Harapan Bangsa (SHB) Modernland. Over 500 junior and senior high school students from SHB attended the briefing on ASEAN and participated in the ASEAN quiz session.
Source: http://asean.org/asean-womens-circle-gives-back-to-the-community/