By: Yuliana Riana & Past Novel

Jakarta, 14 October 2016 – Celebrating the second anniversary of Centre for ASEAN PR Studies, ASEAN TALKS #6 was held together with ASEAN PR Network (APRN) specially with “What Media Talk about ASEAN?” as the theme. Took place in Rafael Jolongbayan Drama Room, Campus B LSPR Jakarta, this special edition of ASEAN TALKS series was delivered differently from the usual ASEAN TALKS as CAPRS monthly agenda.

Guest speakers in this session were caliber senior journalists; James Luhulima, Deputy Chief Editor of KOMPAS and Novan Iman Santosa, World Desk Editor from The Jakarta Post. Both of these speakers brought up interesting point of view of ASEAN from their media experience and expertise. “Both speakers are used to telling and covering international news and issue” claimed Yuliana, Head of CAPRS, when asked about the reason of picking representative from KOMPAS and The Jakarta Post. The main idea of their topic is to discuss ASEAN news coverage in Indonesian mass media.
Novan Iman Santosa, presented the media coverage that has mostly been highlighting on ASEAN politics point of view such as South China Sea issue as the ASEAN Economic Community has applied since December 2015. He also mentioned the economy point of view as the most tangible pillar compared to two others; socio cultural and politic and security. Regarding this fact, he argued that ASEAN has a huge economical potential worth USD 7.6 trillion amongst other country and union such as China and EU.
In addition, James Luhulima shared his experience when covering about ASEAN since he was a field journalist. He also elaborated how a big challenge ASEAN has to face is how to fill in the big economy gap between 6 ASEAN members like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei Darussalam and the rest 4 Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam which are now still developing.

ASEAN TALKS is a talkshow event held monthly by CAPRS as one of their working agenda. Previously, CAPRS has worked many ASEAN related projects such as: Essay Writing Competition: Contribution by LSPR Jakarta to the ASEAN Community on June 2015, Inspirasi Komunikasi Bagi Indonesia book launching on November 2015, Car Free Day ASEAN on December 2015, ASEAN PR Festival on June 2016, Public Speaking Competition Me and ASEAN on May 2016, and last but not least, China-ASEAN Go To School in cooperation with China Mission to ASEAN.