Prita Kemal Gani, on behalf of The London School of Public Relations (LSPR), Jakarta, and ASEAN Public Relations Network (ASEAN PRN), will attend The World Public Relations Forum (WPRF) 2018 in Oslo to share her knowledge and to give a perspective voice of Public Relations (PR) for the world.

ASEAN Community is one of the leading associations contributing to PR in Asia, with ASEAN PRN being one of the links in the chain that helps to build the foundation of trust among the ten country-members. Every year universities prepare a new generation of communication practitioners with skills and quality knowledge. Although there is a long way to go to achieve goals, mutual understanding and collaboration brings bigger results not only for the countries of the ASEAN Community but also for the world.

President of ASEAN PRN, and founder of one of the leading universities in Indonesia – LSPR, Prita Kemal Gani will share her immense experience and knowledge on how to start to communicate with the world at WPRF 2018, Oslo. As a progressive edu-preneur, she will address “Building Quality Public Relations to Bridge Inequality” by discussing the PR education situation – from the first steps of LSPR foundation to entering, development and integration into the world. One of the main visions of Prita is to reduce the inequality gap within education by promoting PR as a strategic communication aspect.