23 JUNE 2020:  ASEAN PR NETWORK released the fourth episode of #PRCORONAVIRUS Webithon Series which premiered on June 23, 2020 on APRN YouTube channel. The speaker for this episode is Mr. Noel M. Novicio, Minister and Deputy Representative to ASEAN, Permanent Mission of the Philippines to ASEAN in Jakarta, with the topic “How the Philippines Handles the Issues of Pandemic & Transition to Post Pandemic”.

Mr. Noel explained, “In response to the growing threat of this coronavirus, the Philippines government has established the interagency task force for the management of emerging infectious diseases. This task force has the following functions: the overall management of Covid-19 preparedness and response; the consolidation of updates and information related to Covid-19; and to ensure the government’s transparency and accountability.”

Mr. Noel also spoke about the transition process where just like any other country in the world, The Philippines is also preparing for what we call the new normal. The Philippines government is focusing on at least four areas:

1) The Philippines government is prioritizing the production of vital medicines, medical equipment, and supplies; and enhancing the capacity of the health care system in response to the increase of infection.

2)  The Philippines government is also prioritizing to ensure food security.

3) The Philippines government continues to cooperate in the development of vaccines through the enhancement of research and development.

4)  The Philippines government is also preparing for future outbreaks as this is perhaps not the last pandemic that we will encounter in our lifetime.

Aside from the national perspective, Mr. Noel also mentioned the regional perspective in the fight against Covid-19. “As a strong member of ASEAN, The Philippines has supported ASEAN’s response to Covid-19 which is characterized by a multi-sectoral approach, also a whole community approach among ASEAN member states, and of course with its external parties including its dialogue partners.”

ASEAN PR NETWORK released #PRCORONAVIRUS Webithon Series to show the significance of public relations in dealing with the current situation we are all facing, by acting professionally, timely communicating with stakeholders, giving advice to management to cope with various business, and community situations. APRN #PRCORONAVIRUS Webithon Series is also initiated to raise funds via Webithon to support victims of the pandemic within the Autism Community to support APRN’s commitment to Global Alliance Diversity & Inclusion Month this June 2020.

Full video of APRN #PRCORONAVIRUS Webithon Series 3rd Episode is available on https://youtu.be/azYBS9bL054