We have the pleasure to share with you The Global PR & Communication Model, developed by Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management in partnership with Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership and with the sponsor contribution of LLYC, a global communications and public affairs consulting firm.

The Model defines the roadmap and building blocks of the functions of PR and Communication, to promote its contribution to the creation of differentiation, reputation, trust and social legitimacy.

This model has been built with the collaborative and participatory efforts of a network of 1,400 professionals from 46 countries on 5 different regions. This has been a global consensus-based research on the present and future of the role and value of public relations and communications management.

The Model consolidates the Stockholm Accords, 2010, and the Melbourne Mandate, 2012, and integrates the Global Capability Framework for Public Relations and Communication Management developed in partnership with Huddersfield University in 2018.

Global Alliance & Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership aspires that organizations and professionals worldwide, who understand the strategic importance of this model, will be able to improve the business decision-making process, promoting a real and authentic connection with their stakeholders, and promoting differential leadership in the future post-COVID-19-world.

Please visit https://www.prcommsmodel.com/ to access the full report and video of the Global PR and Communication Model