Jakarta, 28th July 2020: The novel coronavirus has been the main topic over the year. The outbreak has changed the way human beings interact with each other and how we do business. Consequently, our economies have been dramatically shaped by the pandemic, with many stores closed and companies forced to reduce their costs to survive during the crises. In light of that, businesses are exposed to several risks that need to be mitigated, from their operational risks to strategic and high level risks. Many governments have started to re-open their economies which has moved society into something called the New Normal. The New Normal will create its own risks and opportunities. To manage stakeholders’ expectations, New Ways of Communication are needed to address the crises and maintain public image in this New Normal phase.

To conclude the 3-part ‘PR Webforum’ series, ASEAN PR Network and Global Alliance of PR and Communication Management (GA) collaborated on the topic “Risk Issues and Crisis Management in the New Norm”. This addressed three (3) issues and one of which is Internal Communication. Catherine Arrow, a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ), shared about how companies can find genuine creative ways to show empathy and emotionally connection with their employees and customers during a crisis.

The second issue that the webforum addressed is the best practices and significant changes in the media landscape during the pandemic and its likeability to continue in the recovery phase. The speaker from Singapore, Krishnasamy Bhavani, who is the Past President of the Institute of PR Singapore (IPRS), shared her views also on the emergence of new strategies for organizational leaders to apply in fostering relationship with the media.

The forum was made even more interesting as a PR expert from Kenya, Peter Mutie, joined the line-up of speakers and shared insightful facts about Africa’s approaches in dealing with the pandemic particularly for businesses to communicate to its stakeholders, customers and investors. He specifically discussed how leadership communication can significantly boost investors’ confidence.

The virtual forum was moderated by LSPR’s very own ‘Crisis Guru’, Nico Wattimena who himself has been teaching Strategic Issues Management for many years as well as authoring books on Public Relations and Media.