Jakarta, Indonesia: On the 26th of July 2023, ASEAN PUBLIC RELATIONS NETWORK (APRN) in collaboration with WorldComm Malaysia and with the support of LSPR Institute of Communication and Business held the Roadshow to ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards (AIFFA) 2023 at the Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium & Performance Hall, Campus B, LSPR Jakarta, inviting four notable speakers from the film industry.

The ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards (AIFFA) is an awards ceremony and festival of filmmakers and movie stars from the ASEAN region. It is held in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia every two years and is sanctioned by the ASEAN Secretariat as one of the ASEAN joint activities. This year is the sixth edition of the ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards which will be a series of 3-day events inviting the best in the film industry to celebrate, honour and recognise excellence amongst their peers.

Mr. Jaffri Amin Osman, the Executive Director of AIFFA, has taken the initiative to hold the Roadshow to AIFFA, where LSPR Institute of Communication and Business and ASEAN PR Network (APRN) were the hosts in Jakarta. In this series of AIFFA events, for the first time ASEAN SDG University Short Film Competition (ASUS) will be held. ASUS aims to identify the GAP in creating awareness for the SDG among the Youth by targeting University students to give their views on how they understand and how they can contribute to resolving such issues. The youth of today must learn to first identify these SDGs and create conscious movements through visuals and storytelling.

The event started with an Opening Remarks from Dr. (H.C.) Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR, FIPR, President of ASEAN PR Network and Founder & CEO of LSPR Institute of Communication & Business. It continued with a Keynote Speech from Mr. Jaffri Amin Osman, Executive Director of AIFFA, and Ms. Livan Tajang, Festival Director of AIFFA.

The Sharing session was led by Ms. Maylaffayza Wiguna, the moderator, and started with the first session from Mr. Slamet Rahardjo – Winner of Lifetime Achievement Awards, AIFFA, 2019, second session with Ms. Yessy Gusman – Indonesian Actress and LSPR Lecturer, third session with Ms. Marcella Zalianty – Indonesian Actress and has been Nominated in AIFFA 2013 and fourth sharing session with Mr. Gunawan Paggaru – Chairman of Indonesian Film Board & Movie Director.

Dr. (H.C) Prita Kemal Gani expressed her happiness and pride by saying that “I am very happy and proud to say that LSPR and the ASEAN Public Relations Network or APRN have collaborated with WorldComm to hold the Roadshow to ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards. This time, AIFFA is very special for LSPR, because for the first time in 2023, AIFFA in collaboration with the ASEAN PR Network has succeeded in sparking the ASEAN SDG University Short Film Competition (ASUS). ASUS was born by adapting the LSPR SDG Film Festival which is held every year in collaboration with universities from abroad such as DMU University and Coventry University, UK.”

As the Executive Director and Festival Director of AIFFA, Mr. Jaffri Amin Osman and Ms. Livan Tajang extended their warm thanks and gratitude to the recently concluded event The Roadshow to AIFFA. Mr Jaffri stated “Lights, Camera, Action! and the stars at this PRE-AIFFA JAKARTA GATHERING are surely ASEAN PR NETWORK(APRN), LSPR and specifically IBU PRITA KEMAL GANI and her wonderful and professional team. When a gathering sees Film Presidents and top film stars attend, it can only mean the organisation has built trust and reputation with its stakeholders and community. ASEAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL & AWARDS STANDS PROUD TO HAVE A PROFESSIONAL PERSONALITY IBU PRITA AND APRN IS ITS PERFECT PARTNER. KUDOS APRN”

In his session, Mr. Slamet Rahardjo said: “It is my life, to be an artist, to be something that I only have and that is my dignity. So when I receive Lifetime Achievement it feels like a dream come true, this is my life. To be an actor requires a big heart, open mind, and respect for other people. In conclusion, without others, I’m nothing. This humility is what I want from the younger generation.”

Ms. Yessy Gusman advised the students: “This is your time, always be enthusiastic. We are entering an era of demographic bonus, where all Indonesians are in the best condition, age and education. Always passionate to create the best works. Don’t let us lose the best opportunity.”

Ms. Marcella Zalianty also expressed her admiration for the compactness of the Malaysian team: “One of the things that impressed me was the holding of AIFFA in Kuching and in my opinion it can be a good example for Indonesia. I saw that they were very compact and succeeded in proving that existing elements of tourism could support Kuching itself.”

Talking about the Indonesian film industry, Mr. Gunawan Paggaru said that “If we want the film industry to progress, the first thing that must be addressed is human resources. We need someone special to understand the character of each festival. Because there are actually a lot of student films and I think we have to start from there. It is from these talents that we must see. I am again encouraging students who want to make festivals. This forum is used to find new talent. So that the film industry can progress even more because we also form human resources with a good work system.”