Global Alliance: Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications is pleased to announce its first Technology and PR month which will run throughout May 2023.

The focus of the month will be to explore how technology has shaped public relations to date and how it will continue to do so in the future. There will be throughout the month a series of events, live webinars and activities as well as a range of resources. All free to PR practitioners around the globe. There will be an Online learning showcase – Exclusive Global Alliance member organizations; Live webinars; Resources – webinars, reports and more; and Quiz.

Online learning showcase 12 May

Exclusively for Global Alliance member organizations the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) is launching its partnering programme for online learning. CIPR has developed a new online learning platform allowing PR practitioners to access and pay for learning content.

There will be a showcase event at 10am on 12 May where Global Alliance member organizations will be able to join Sukhjit Grewal CIPR’s Director of Professional development and Membership as he explains the platform and how members can partner.

Live webinars – 25 and 30 May

There will also be a special series of live webinars with experts from our regional council areas.

Europe and Africa will come together at 2pm (London time) on 25 May with an expert panel of speakers hosted by Peter Mutie, Global Alliance’s Africa Regional Chair and Board Member -Middle East-South Asia and Asia-Pacific on 30 May with an expert panel of speakers hosted by Boy Kelana Soebroto, Global Alliance’s Board member and Chairman of Indonesia Public Relations (PERHUMAS), time to be confirmed.

Justin Green, GA President said: ”Technology shapes how we deliver public relations and at times revolutionises the way information spreads. Written language, the printing press, film, radio, television, the internet, and social media all changed the way people communicate across the globe. Today emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the metaverse may do so yet again. Public relations practitioners must understand and harness the technology to provide information for public good. This month will help them do just that.”


Mandy Pease


Global Alliance Technology and PR month