To celebrate “Student and Young Practitioner Month” in November, Global Alliance put on a series of career-defining online festivities designed to further stir the hearts and minds of students and young practitioners who are looking to join the ranks of PR professionals.

The Ultimate goal was to be able to share timely as well as relevant knowledge that would benefit PR students and young professionals who are keen on advancing their communications practice. It forms part of the KNOW Movement, which is designed to help allay the PR practitioner’s worries of having no movement in their careers. Specifically, the series would like them to be in the KNOW of the latest PR trends, NOW.

One of the activities lined up was Career Day which was on Monday, 28th November 2022. A career orientation seminar which had esteemed guests from academia and PR experts engaging the students in a dialogue and panel discussion. The panelists were asked to relate their own success stories as well as share practical tips when choosing a career in PR. On top of that, there was also a special TikTok video contest among PR student practitioners per region.  The best TikTok video received a special prize from Global Alliance while the school that they represented also received an award. The contest had a regional and a grand prize winner.

Another activity was Jobs World on Tuesday, 29th November 2022. It consisted of a series of panel discussions where industry experts were asked to share their experiences while working in PR-related fields like investor relations, marketing and crisis management, among others. There was also online Deep Talk sessions with the main goal to create a community of like-minded individuals talking about certain topics like PR agency work, and with members sharing or exchanging views on how to get better. These sessions will culminate with an actual job fair where member institutions will be asked to make a company presentation and share their respective job hiring requirements. The activity serves as an eye opener for young professionals as they will get to know that there are other jobs for them other than PR agency work.

Through all these online initiatives, the Global Alliance hopes to give students and young practitioners alike access to activities that can help expand their knowledge and networks while also helping them develop a greater appreciation of the profession and gain a deeper understanding of the vital role that they will play once they join the industry.

The sessions were part of the professional development activities of Global Alliance and were arranged in line with this month’s ongoing “KNow Movement” campaign.


Yours Sincerely,

Ana Pista

Student & Young Practitioner Month, Chair