The Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) in collaboration with ASEAN PR Network formally announces the hosting of the 29th National PR Congress alongside the 28th Student PR Congress in a milestone joint event happening this September that marks a variety of firsts for the country’s premier organization for public relations professionals.

A first in hybrid format, the two events will take place on September 1 and 2, 2022, with the joint Congress hosting key participants attending in person at The Manila Peninsula. Those from the regions, meanwhile, will attend virtually in compliance with current COVID-19 restrictions.

“This joint PRSP event is the most prestigious and highly anticipated gathering of communicators and Public Relations professionals in the Philippines. We are happy to host the Congress again in a hybrid format after holding it virtually during the past few years, and we are equally excited to have both the Student Congress and the National PR Congress in one event. The roster of speakers this year will be composed of the biggest business leaders and visionaries from both local and international organizations and companies who will impart valuable insights to help us blaze a trail during these challenging times,” says Harold C. Geronimo, APR, President, PRSP.

With the theme, “The Tipping Point: Reboot”, the joint Congress aims to propagate truth, innovation, and progress as key anchors for communicators, helping rebuild responsibly and sustainably as the economy reopens. With the Filipino youth now a strong force to be reckoned with, the joint Congress aims to inspire as well as inform, enabling understanding from all stakeholders, encouraging collective action to use communications for the good.

“The joint Congress aims to nudge stakeholders that it is time to act, to do better for one’s self, community and country at a time of great change,” adds Cathy Yang, Chair of the 29th PR Congress. “We’re here to inspire through thought leadership, from those who have thrived and served fellow Filipinos throughout the pandemic. We’re here to listen to the youth, a key stakeholder shaping our nation’s collective futures. So our theme is anchored on our key aspirations on truth, innovation and progress.”

“As responsible communicators, we must help the Filipino youth defend the truth today, if we expect them to defend our democracy tomorrow. Highly engaged as they are in online spaces, we must utilize innovation to ensure a safe space for them, harnessing opportunities for them to make decisions for their own welfare. Only then can we hope for sustainable progress as individuals as part of a wider community that makes up an empowered nation,” says Franz de la Fuente, Chair of the Students’ PR Congress.

The PR Congress is the largest congregation of public relations practitioners across industries in the public sector, civil society, and students in the country. The Students’ Congress, on the other hand, is the annual gathering of students eager to learn more about the public relations industry from leading practitioners in the field. The twin annual conferences are spearheaded and organized by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP). For more information, visit the event website or Facebook page at