Public Relations Society of The Philippines was founded in 1957 by Carpio which would soon singlehandedly spur the growth of Philippine PR through seminars, training programs, workshops, awards, contacts, publications and networking. PRSP also introduced a four-year PR CURRICULUM, which was approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture, to several Philippine universities.

President of The Philippines declared the month of September of every year as PR month in the Philippine. It identifies the holding of the National PR Congress by the PRSP as the PR month’s major highlight. It also puts under the auspices of the PRSP the declaration of every year as “PR month”.

The Mission of PRSP are to steer the country towards progress while preserving its precious heritage and culture, serve affiliate organizations to the best of its abilities guided only by the highest ethical standards, and lead the way in the development, refinement and dissemination of knowledge and skills of the profession in the Asia Pacific region.

The vision are Professional development of individual members, Recognition of high craftsmanship and its strategic role in management functions, Social commitment. Proactive involvement in issues, concerns and demands of public relations and communication.

There are 12 General Principles of the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) Code of Ethics:

  1. Conduct our professional way of life with the interests of the public as our basic and primary guide.
  2. Conduct our activities in full accordance with the accepted standards of trust, objectivity, accuracy and good taste.
  3. Uphold the rule of law and the dictates of public order, public policy, morals and good customs.
  4. Help promote the concept of social justice.
  5. Foster harmonious relationship and establish fair dealings at all times with other companies, fellow practitioners, the general and special publics.
  6. Protect the interest of our clients or companies by being faithful to our commitmentsto them, against which shall not represent conflicting or competing interests, unless full consent is given by all interested parties with full disclosure of facts.
  7. Refuse all other obligations, which hamper the effective and efficient performance of our duties to our clients and publics.
  8. Adhere closely to the established guidelines and ethics for the use of the mass media or any other channels of communication.
  9. Safeguard the confidence of our present and former clients or companies by keeping trade secrets of or other information of similar nature, unless a competent government authority, by reason of national security or public policy, orders their disclosure.
  10. Refuse any form of valuable consideration for a service, involving the profession, from any one other than our clients or companies, even if it does not involve conflicting interests, unless all interested parties give full consent.
  11. Avoid at all times pursuing any activity prejudicial to the interest of the society or inconsistent with the dictates of this code.
  12. Uphold the accepted principle of Ethics that the end does not justify the means.


Ramon R. Osorio, President of Public Relations Society of The Philippines and VP/Head of Corporate Communications ABS-CBN