Social Media has become one the most ubiquitous communications forms in modern culture. Some think that its the democratizing force civilization has been waiting for, as it allows for the spread of information in real time by real people. Thanks to social media, regular people have more power to disseminate their thoughts and ideas than ever before.

On the Internet, what happened two weeks ago can sometimes be considered ancient history, as trends move at an ever accelerating pace. Strategies for capitalizing on those trends need to move at breakneck speed as well or risk getting left behind. It is indeed an exciting time for communications, but its also a difficult one to navigate intelligently.
This edition of PR New’s Digital PR & Social Media Guidebook has one essential purpose: helping maximize your communications effectiveness in the digital world. The articles in the pages that follow, produced both by the PR News staff and more than fifty communications industry thought leaders, focus on most every facet of Digital PR & Social Media.
In our businesses, were reminded everyday how much the digital space is changing the way we do our jobs. Having Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts are now a requisites for every business despite these platforms relatively recent arrival on the media scene.
And we also show how digital PR and Social media are changing the more traditional areas in which PR plays a critical role from Internal communications to influencer relations to legal concerns.
Brian Greene
Editor, PR News