Greetings from Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR

Screen-Shot-2014-10-22-at-5.07.26-PMThe implementation of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015 is already insight. Echo sounding of the markets in recent years has made business people think and work hard in dealing with this, so as not to lose out to the competition. In AEC 2015, there are nine pillars which exist in the mutual recognition agreement (MRA) and so far the PR profession has not yet been included. However, this does not mean the PR world is sleeping.
  1. About APRN

    Facing the challenges ahead of the ASEAN Community 2015, Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR, Founder & Director of LSPR-Jakarta who is also the chairperson of Perhumas (Public Relations Association of Indonesia), has taken the initiative to make LSPR – Jakarta as the centre for ASEAN Public Relations

  2. Vision, Mission and Value

    To be the highest holder of PR professional standards in ASEAN or its PR central.

  3. Activities

    To set guidelines for standard competency and knowledge on Public Relations To create a universal code of conduct in PR practice To standardize the practice as a pool of talents

Constitutions & By Laws


13Dec 2018

JAKARTA, 1st December 2018 – ASEAN PR Network is a member of The Global Alliance for PR and Communications Management. It’s the confederation of the world’s major PR and communication management associations and institutions, representing 160,000 practitioners and academics around the world.

The Global Alliance for PR and Communications Management holds its annual board meeting in different countries twice a year and ASEAN PR Network proudly hosted this year’s GA Board Meeting in Jakarta Indonesia on 1st – 2nd December 2018 at Ayana Midplaza Hotel.

GA Board Members who attended the board meetings were Jane Gitau from APRA – Africa Public Relations Associations (Kenya), Paula Portugal Mendes APCE – Associacao Portuguesa de Communicacao de Empresa (Portugal), Alex Malouf MEPRA – The Middle East Public Relations Association (UAE), Fiona Cassidy, FPRINZ, APR PRINZ – Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (New Zealand), Justin Green FPRII Life, Hon. FPRSK, Hon. APRA Fellow PRII – Public Relations Institute of Ireland (Ireland), Jose Manuel Velasco Dircom – Associacion de Directivos de Comunicacion (Spain), Mateus Furlanetto (Brazil), Hamilton Dos Santos ABERJE – Associacao Brasiliera de Communicacao Empresarial (Brazil), Alastair McCapra CIPR – Chartered Institute of Public Relations (UK). Continue reading

13Dec 2018


Dear APRN & Friends,


As another year draws to a close, it’s time to look back and reflect on the past 12 months. It is also a time to give thanks to everyone at APRN, partners and friends that have supported us right up to the end of 2018. Our special selected network of partners have helped us create and deliver exciting and very well organized events all over ASEAN. It is heartening to see the support from our past and new friends at APRN.


As one of the best highlights as the year ends, we were very pleased to have once again our friends from Global Alliance Communication and Management, who recently conducted their Executive Board Meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is indeed a pleasure to have hosted the Executive Board Meeting and to gather and spend time again with close friends from Global Alliance. Thank you for the dedication, insight and creativity that you bring to your work every day on behalf of the people you serve around the world. I look forward to our new collaborations planned in 2019 and am very excited as we all welcome the coming New Year and move forward to meet the new challenges for our new agenda at ASEAN PR Network.


I am sure that the New Year will be as exciting as this year was, if not even better. On this occasion, I wish to thank my APRN Team for making all this possible and also appreciate the enormous contribution and support from members and friends of APRN.

I am excited for the coming holidays and look forward to reconnecting with you all in the New Year!



Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR

Director & Founder

06Dec 2018

On October 23, the second ASEAN Spot was held at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Campus B LSPR Jakarta.


Mr. Agung Laksamana shared about public relations to ASEAN SPOT attendees

Mr. Agung Laksamana, Chairman of Perhumas Indonesia, emphasized on public relations nowadays.


Mr. Hermawan Kartajaya talking about Marketing 4.0

Mr. Hermawan Kartajaya, Founder & Executive Chairman of, shared about the market and technology and the importance of education. He also presented his four books titled “Enjoyment” (Marketing 1.0), “Experience” (Marketing 2.0), “Engagement” (Marketing 3.0), and “Empowerment” (Marketing 4.0).

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05Dec 2018

Token exchance and take photo together

Jakarta, November 12, 2018.

Prof. Ir. Sjarief Widjaja, Ph.D, FRINA, as the Chairman of the Agency for Marine and Fisheries Research and Human Resources from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Republic Indonesia gave a public lecture at ASEAN Talks #12 themed “Maritime Connectivity and ASEAN” at Prof. Djajusman Auditorium & Performance Hall – LSPR Campus B, Jl. K.H.Mas Mansyur Kav 35, Jakarta.

Public Lecture by Prof. Ir. Sjarief Widjaja, Ph.D, FRINA

In front of hundreds of students, management, lecturers, and professionals, Prof. Sjarief Widjaja conveyed that the potential of Indonesia’s marine resources 80% industry along with the 75% of Indonesia’s major cities are placed in coastal regions. Indonesia is world widely well known as the world’s largest Marine Mega Biodiversity due to its 5,500 fish species (37% of the world’s fish species), 555 seaweed species, as well as its 959 coral reef biota.

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