Yogyakarta, 30 August 2020: PERHUMAS Muda Yogyakarta held NGADEM #3 (Ngobrol Asik Dengerin PMY) which is an online sharing session. NGADEM #3 this time had the theme “PR Grooming: How to improve your appearance and attitude” with Sosiawan Putra as Public Relations of Lippo Cikarang Tbk.

“Grooming is how to look and behave, especially in work life, grooming is important because appearance can make a first impression on someone,” said Sosiawan Putra, usually called Putra when sharing via live Instagram, Sunday (30/08/2020).

Putra added that for the overall appearance, the situation and place must be adjusted accordingly such as, who will be met and the area to be visited depends on the situation and where the person’s background comes from. The thing to avoid when grooming is an appearance that is too excessive and flashy. In addition, wearing clothes that reflect the colors and logo of the company that PR carries is also a plus in grooming.

PR Grooming must also apply ethics in speaking. Attractive appearance must also be supported by insight into good speech. This can be done by planning what to say. PR Grooming should also be applied in everyday life, such as dressing neatly, bathing twice a day, until it smells good.

NGADEM #3 also opened a Q&A session for participants who had questions such as from @shafirameilisa who asked about tips and tricks so you don’t get nervous when talking. According to Putra, it can be done by practicing with friends or recording your own voice so that speaking directly can be more organized. There were questions from @dindaaginta who asked how to act and give a statement if the company is hit by a scandal. Putra answered that before submitting information to outside parties, first get information from internal parties. Discussions and equating statements from internal parties can then be disseminated to external parties. There was a question from @hisyamalfupdate about regional dialect when he was PR. According to Putra, regional accent is not a problem as long as the content and insight of the homework is good and broad. Putra also emphasized not to let a brand create someone’s value, but make yourself to create value from that brand.

The event, which was held by PERHUMAS Muda Yogyakarta, is one of the ongoing events, to accommodate young PR in Indonesia while working in the world of work. Hisyam Al-Faruqi as the head of the NGADEM #3 event added, “Hopefully this NGADEM #3 event can provide positive energy for young PR professionals and add insights and knowledge about public relations, especially PR Grooming with PR practitioners,” he said.

Original posted: https://www.perhumas.or.id/perspektif-grooming-dalam-dunia-kehumasan/