As Co-Chair of the 9th World Public Relations Forum, I’m pleased to report that the WPRF Selection Committee has chosen an impressive list of presenters for this year’s WPRF in Toronto. Please meet the Workshop Presenters.
I’d like to personally thank you for all the applications that we received from the GA member associations in all corners of the word, its leaders and its members. It’s thanks to passionate voices in the global communication industry that we are able to create a true WPRF every two years: One where we create joint standards while celebrating diversity.

The Committee had a challenge narrowing down the proposals to select the most suitable, but thanks to the hard work of the Committee members, we can have 2016 WPRF Workshop Speakers from a wide range of industries, cultures and countries.

Please do join us in Toronto to discuss with our workshop presenters, keynote speakers and with fellow professionals from across the world. I look forward to talking with you in person soon.

Gregor Halff
Chair of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management