September, 2020: Following the phenomenal success of a series of initiatives held by Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management supporting global profession during Covid-19, Global Alliance have taken the opportunity to announce Mental Health & Wellbeing Month this September 2020.

After the impact of the pandemic that has changed the social interaction between people all over the world, it is important to maintain a mindset and behavioral balance in the Physical, Emotional or Psychological, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual and Economic dimensions.

ASEAN PR Network, supporting Global Alliance first ever Mental Health & Wellbeing, encourage its community of members to create and share content on the multi dimensions of Mental Health & Wellbeing. This can be done through videos, texts, podcasts, apps, websites, meetings that show practices and ways of having a balanced comfortable, healthy, and happy life.

Sign up to show the world that #WellbeingMatters this September 2020!