October 2021, Global Alliance in partnership with Corporate Excellence Center for Reputation Leadership; a leading research, knowledge, and training center specialized in the management and measurement of intangible assets have developed The Global PR and Communication Model: A roadmap for PR and communication function that is becoming a global standard.

Approaching the Future: Trends in Reputation and Intangible Asset Management report, which collaborates with special worldwide partners, presents the 15 trends that will mark the business agenda globally, focusing on reputation, brand, sustainability, ethics, and transparency. The survey is to identify the major trends on reputation and intangible assets by country which can be accessed through: https://bit.ly/TopTrendsATF2021. Therefore, your country/region will be represented in the report. The deadline to answer the survey is on 31st October 2021.

Approaching the Future is an annual applied-report by Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership, a leading think tank that focuses on reputation, communication, and intangible assets management, and CANVAS Estrategias Sostenibles, a consultancy company specialized in sustainability, this year, we are “worldwide partner” for this report.

The report is based on analysis of relevant secondary sources, quantitative data, and the opinions and insights of experts and it is supported by a diverse range of notable research partners and collaborating entities to expand its relevance and reach.