The Global Alliance Ethics Month in February 2024: brings attention to the importance of ethics in communication – it connects the PR and Communications professionals globally to discuss the current state of ethics and the ethical dilemmas we face.

Through webinars, videos, research and articles across regions and member associations, the Ethics Month 2024 engages us around topics such as below – and much more:

  • Ethics in Action: Thriving through Conflicts and Crises
  • Organizational Trust in the Privacy Economy
  • Communication Dilemmas in the Era of AI

You are welcome to join the conversations – share content to boost awareness for #EthicsMatter – and take part in advancing ethics and responsible communications during the global #EthicsMonth – and beyond!



Kia Haring

Director, Ethics & Standards

Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management



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1. Webinar: Ethics in Action: Thriving through Conflicts and Crises

Date & Time: Thursday 15 February 2024 at 12 HRS GMT

In our interconnected economic world, the escalating complexity of crises, driven by climate change and other stressors, has given rise to a state of perpetual crisis known as polycrisis. While this poses challenges for communication and corporate strategy professionals, there are valuable lessons to be learned from organizations that excel in thriving amid such conditions.

Main takeaways:

  • The speakers will offer insights on the following topics:
  • Ethical obligations in conflict zones: Companies’ moral responsibilities in fragile settings.
  • Authenticity in corporate actions: Balancing social responsibility with corporate interests.
  • Navigating complex political landscapes: Addressing potential backlash in decision-making.
  • Corporate engagement impact: Effects on reputation and stakeholder behaviors in conflict mitigation.


Dr. Chiara Valentini

Chiara Valentini, Ph.D., is a Professor and Head of Corporate Communication Discipline, at Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics (JSBE), Finland, and Adjunct Professorship in Strategic Communication at IULM University, Milan, Italy. Dr. Valentini is the author of numerous peer-reviewed publications and books in strategic public relations, public and government communication, and crisis communication in the digital environment. Her work has appeared in several international peer-reviewed journals, and has authored and co-authored over hundreds of scholarly works.

Dr. Jason Miklain

Jason Miklian, Ph.D., is a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Development and Environment, University of Oslo, Norway. Miklian has published over 60 academic and policy works on issues of crisis and responsible business, based on extensive fieldwork in Bangladesh, Colombia, India, and the Congo. He serves on the United Nations Expert Panel on Business and Human Rights, and is Business and Peace Chair of United Nations PRME. Miklian has also written for or been cited in an expert capacity by the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, BBC, The Economist, Washington Post, among others.

Riikka Kämppi

Riikka Kämppi, a seasoned communications professional, serves as the Senior Advisor for Public Relations at CMI – Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation, a global leader in peace mediation. With a diverse background spanning 30 years, Riikka has extensive experience in strategic communication, political influencing, and fundraising. Her career highlights include serving as a presidential campaign manager, CEO of a communications consultancy, Executive Director of Red Nose Day Finland, and Head of Communications and Marketing at UNICEF Finland

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2. Webinar: Organizational Trust in the Privacy Economy

Date & Time: Thursday, 22 February 2024 at 10 HRS GMT

Lately much has been discussed on the business value of trust in the app-based, data-driven circular economy. Trust and privacy move hand-in-hand. When individuals trust they are more likely to engage in, interact with, and disclose detailed information about themselves. Yet, of course, this disclosure and in turn, the trust attached, are highly contextually and interpersonally dependent.

Main takeaways:

  • Global Alliance research shows that communication is the key to making AI and data-driven systems more ethical
  • Communication increases trust – supporting transparency and building relationships
  • Technology cannot be unethical – it is the humans, their intentions, and use that can make innovation ‘ethically unclean’ – being pro-active in identifying and communicating about potential ethical concerns can steer developments towards societally optimal directions


Rebekah Rousi

Rousi holds a PhD in Cognitive Science with extensive experience of research and teaching in Human-Technology Interaction. Her main research specialty is in User Experience and human experience (semiotics, communication, logic, culture) with technology. Rousi is currently Principal Investigator of an Academy of Finland project titled, “The emotional experience of privacy and ethics in everyday pervasive systems (BUGGED)” and leads the VME Interaction Design Environment for development and research of future human-technology interaction. Rousi’s research interests include embodied experience in human-robot interaction, human-AI interaction, posthumanism, trust, and ethics in data-driven systems.

Ville Vakkuri

Vakkuri has combined ethical consideration with software engineering practices and AI system development. Vakkuri has worked both in national and international research projects as a technology ethics expert. The overarching theme of his work is active collaboration between academia and industry.

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3. Webinar: Communication dilemmas in the era of AI

Date & Time: Thursday 29 February 2024 at 14 HRS GMT

A year ago AI was something only a few communicators were familiar with. But with the launch of ChatGBT AI has become a key topic for professional communicators. AI can definitely be of great help for news media and communication teams, but it also raises a number of ethical questions. In this webinar Global Alliance wish to discuss the dilemmas that they foresee news media and professional communicators will be confronted with in the years to come.

Following topics will be covered during the session:

  • Can we trust AI and will AI help us in building trust?
  • Will AI help us in strengthening transparency or will it reduce transparency?
  • Who owns content and how do you protect news media and professional communicators rights and protect companies’ reputation, when you use AI?
  • Will AI increase or reduce bias in communication?
  • What can you do as a communicator to learn to use AI and at the same time balance the ethical dilemmas?


Stine Bjerre Herdel

Stine Bjerre Herdel is the management editor at Mandag Morgen and has worked with management, digital media development and business development for a number of years. Among other things, Stine has immersed herself in AI development and the impact it has on management and organisation. This includes competence development, business strategy, ethics and security.

Jonas Bladt Hansen

Jonas Bladt Hansen is board member of K1 and the founder of the consultancy Next Level IC and the community Next Levelers. He has been working within the field of corporate and digital communications in some of Denmark’s renowned companies such as Danish Rail, Arla Foods and Danske Bank. During the last five years he has been focusing on the impact of AI on leadership and on how Generative will change Corporate Communication.


Anders Schroll

Anders Schroll is board member of K1 and work as an independent leadership and communication advisor, where he helps organizations execute strategies successfully, build trust and support among key stakeholders and drive the communication effort to create sustainable value. Based on 25-years hands-on experience, he is used to navigate in a highly complex, global and regulated environment. During his career he has built expertise in a broad range of communication and public affairs disciplines and gained full-circle transformation experience ranging from company turn around, M&As, CEO transitions, global expansion, growth and innovation strategies.

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