Jakarta, Indonesia: Who checks their cell phone every time they wake up? Or have lunch while scrolling through social media to find out the latest information? Yup! Almost everyone today must have done it. You know, don’t you? The flow of information and trends in the media today seem to have become the core of our lives as humans.

Unfortunately, the information in the media is often distorted and does not represent the existing reality. Messages in the media are often not empowering. This has caused anxiety and encouraged Pekan Komunikasi UI to invite everyone to look further and take an active role in overcoming this situation.

Pekan Komunikasi UI is an event consisting of a series of competitions in the field of communication between Indonesian students held by Communication Studies students at the University of Indonesia. The annual event which was first held in 2007 will be back soon in February 2023!

This year, Pekan Komunikasi UI has the theme “Image-Mediated Spectacles: Ciptakan Pesan Berdaya”. This theme voices the importance of a communication strategy that can produce powerful media messages, so they can be conveyed. In other words, Pekan Komunikasi UI 2023 wants to raise public awareness as an involved party in the process of distribution, consumption, and reproduction of information to create empowerment through messages.

Not just an ordinary competition, Pekan Komunikasi UI 2023 is ready to be a place for those of you who are students throughout Indonesia to dig deeper into the skills and knowledge in the field of communication that you have or would like to learn. Not only that, practitioners and professionals will be involved in various series of Pekan Komunikasi UI 2023 events. The participation of practitioners and professionals is expected to help students discover about the implementation of a variety of knowledge and experiences in the world of communication work and professionals.

Taking place from February to May 2023, this year’s Pekan Komunikasi UI will be held in a hybrid manner (online and offline) with activity centers in Jakarta and Depok. Pekan Komunikasi UI 2023 consists of a series of events divided into pre-events, events and post-events. The three series of events include Comm Creation & Career Day agendas, National Seminars, Public Discussions, Workshops, and competitions between Indonesian students in the branches of communication science, namely Advertising War for the field of advertising, Media Matters for the field of media studies, Journalight for journalism, and PR Vaganza for public relations.

The competition for each specialization raises a variety of different sub-themes. Advertising War raised the sub-theme “Giving Loud Voices for the Little Guys”, “Media Matters” raised the sub-theme “Elevating the Power of the Unrepresented”, “Journalight” raised the sub-theme “Humane Journalism”, and “PR Vaganza” raised the sub-theme “Embracing the Public Right to Break the Second-hand Reality”. The raised sub-themes are expected to be successful in inviting audiences to create and disseminate powerful messages through the media which are seen and implemented more specifically through the eyes of each field.

Don’t miss your golden opportunity to explore your skills and gain knowledge in the field of communication directly from the experts. Come on, join and feel the excitement of Pekan Komunikasi UI 2023!

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