Post Covid-19 the economy and industry in Indonesia have still not recovered. The world of business and economics is threatened by a global recession which is predicted to occur in 2023. The Iconomics Media again initiated the third edition of the Corporate Communications Talk activity, on Wednesday (21/12/2022) virtually in the form of a webinar with the theme “Corporate Communication Strategy – Companies Maintain Reputation with Media”, in which in these dynamic conditions corporate communication (corcom) will be tested again in playing its role in achieving organizational goals, and maximizing its role in guarding the company’s reputation, as well as establishing effective communication to stakeholders.

The CEO & Founder of The Iconomics, Bram S. Putro, opened the event in his remarks saying that Corcom has a big role to play in maintaining and strengthening the company’s reputation, as the spearhead of the Corcom organization will always try to implement good things within the company. Currently, with the development of digitalization, Corcom must have adaptive properties in order to be able to communicate and participate in corporate communication activities based on interactive technology platforms. This was explained more broadly by Boy Kelana Soebroto as the Chair of PERHUMAS “Corcom plays a crucial role for a company or institution. Corcom functions to disseminate important information about business, products, social contributions, and the company’s latest developments to all stakeholders,” explained Boy who also served as Astra’s Head of Corporate Communications. Corcom must also have a creative nature so that in creating its content it involves the participation of the wider community and attracts the attention of the audience. The Corcom role is also required to be able to respond, and convey information according to the company’s vision and mission goals accurately, and in the right language.

This webinar was moderated by Head of Corporate Communication Askrindo Luluk Lukmiyati, and began with a presentation from PLN Executive Vice President Gregorius Adi. Adi said that through press releases, press conferences, collaboration with the media, and internal media, 42 thousand PLN employees could reach hundreds of thousands of the PLN extended family community. Adi also said that PLN continues to inflame the use of social media. Topics and hashtags around PLN often become topics of conversation on Twitter. Currently, 81% of PLN employees are millennials, so social media is one of the main media. At the G20 Summit, Adi explained that PLN had made 21 releases with more than 2,000 news coverage in both national and international media. In releasing the latest information, PLN always maps communication strategies that will be carried out in order to mitigate the risk of misinformation to the public. “In the past 2.5 years, the Minister and the Ministry of BUMN have launched a BUMN transformation program. The old PLN and the current PLN are much different. We have 4 green initiatives, lean, innovative, customer focused,” he added. PLN’s transformation is evidenced by the achievements of the PLN Mobile application, which has been downloaded by tens of millions people.

The Iconomics also presented figures from the media, namely Deputy Chief Editor of Kompas Daily, Tri Agung Kristanto, who revealed that the media must use multiple channels, not just a single channel or single platform. “I say this not because I’m journalist but because I learned a lot of things in the media world trying to understand and it turns out that you can’t call it a single platform, you can’t call it a single channel, you can’t use single media. Everything must be answered with multimedia, multiplatforms, multichannels, multistrategies and multipartners,” Tri explained in the Corporate Communication Talks webinar held by The Iconomics on Wednesday (21/12/2022).

Indeed, in terms of numbers, online media is able to beat print media. However, it must be remembered that currently online media is also dying and growing. Tri Agung Kristanto said that the CEO of the New York Times once said that to this day, print media still contributes, even though it continues to decline, but it still contributes 40% of the New York Times Group’s income. This digital disruption of information technology gave birth to two sides at once, many print media channels have died and many print media channels have continued to grow and develop.

In its digital development, currently the media has made various communication strategies. One example is creating a paid portal, and the media also doesn’t always talk about the speed at which news is broadcast, but how to research the depth of news. Currently the media is not only talking about products, the media is also developing its social media.

The session ended with the closing remarks from the Director of Brand, Research & Strategy The Iconomics Alex Mulya. From a research perspective, Alex discussed Corporate and Business Image Trends in 2022 and beyond. The Corporate Communications Talk 2022 (3rd Edition) was then closed by handing over tokens of appreciation by the Chief Editor of The Iconomics Arif Hatta to the speakers.