Jakarta, 10th January 2023: ASEAN PUBLIC RELATIONS NETWORK (APRN) in Collaboration with the FOREST INTERACTIVE FOUNDATION and ASEAN FOUNDATION held the ASEAN SPOT: 2030 SDG GOALS, Where Are We Now? at the Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium & Performance Hall, Campus B, LSPR Jakarta. Three notable speakers from Malaysia and Indonesia were invited and also participants from students, SDG Practitioners, Local Foundations representatives in Indonesia and others.

The talk show started with the Opening Remarks on behalf of Dr. (H.C.) Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR, FIPR, Founder & CEO, LSPR Institute of Communication & Business and President of ASEAN PR Network that were presented by Ms. Candy Hernandez, M.Si, FAPR as the Director of International Relations and Partnership Office and Managing Director of ASEAN PR Network.

Question and Answer Session with Mr. Johary Mustapha, Dr. Yang Mee En dan, Ms. Zulfa Faizah Session along with Ms. Candy Hernandez, M.Si, FAPR as as Moderator

The event continued with the first presentation from Mr. Johary Mustapha, Founder & CEO of Forest Interactive Foundation (Malaysia). This was followed with the second session from Ms. Zulfa Faizah, CEO of Insan Bumi Mandiri Foundation (Indonesia) and was concluded by the third speaker Dr. Yang Mee Eng, Executive Director of ASEAN Foundation.

Dr. (H.C.) Prita Kemal Gani stated “I believe, this is the year of collaboration and time to reconnect the network. Collaboration and cooperation are essential to achieve an organization’s vision, mission, and goals. In the spirit of mutual recognition and respect, we affirm our intention to develop a friendship and cooperation agreement between LSPR SDG’s Centre and ASEAN Foundation, between AAN (ASEAN Autism Network) and ASEAN Foundation, between CAPRS (Centre for ASEAN PR Studies) and ASEAN Foundation.”

In the forum, CEO Forest Interactive, Mr. Johary Mustapha explained the order of countries that had achieved the 17 SDGs goals, from Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Austria, and then compared them with Malaysia and Indonesia which are still some distance from the target. He also invited all parties to help achieve the SDGs target, one of which is with technology.

“We can help achieve this target, one of is with technology. However, technology can hinder the target, for example if we don’t use our time widely then we will spend it on entertainment, on the other hand, using technology can help accelerate the SDG target, one is through accelerating the technological literacy in ASEAN countries,” he said.

“As you see from the Philanthropy Trend 2022 in Indonesia this SDG Goal 17 is not prioritised by many organizations. Therefore, we are encouraging and inviting all stakeholders to collaborate because collaboration creates a more sustainable impact. As the African Proverb said, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I believe, together we can make it happen and leave a legacy to our next generation,” stated Ms. Zulfa Faiza, Chief Executive Officer Insan Bumi Mandiri.

Symbolic Friendship Agreement Signing with ASEAN Foundation

Other than ASEAN SPOT: 2030 SDG GOALS, Where Are We Now? Forest Interactive Foundation had its MoU Signing Partnership Agreement with ASEAN Foundation. While Centre for ASEAN Public Relations Studies (CAPRS), ASEAN Autism Network (AAN) and LSPR SDGs Centre did a Symbolic Signing of the Friendship Agreement and Cooperation with the ASEAN Foundation. The representatives of the symbolic signing were Dr. Yang Mee Eng as the Executive Director of ASEAN Foundation, Mr. Johary Mustapha as the Founder & CEO of Forest Interactive Foundation (Malaysia), Ms. Yuliana R. Prasetyawati, MM as the Head of Centre for ASEAN Public Relations Studies, Ms. Candy Hernandez, M.Si, FAPR as the Head Secretariat of ASEAN Autism Network and Mr. Taufan Teguh Akbari, Ph.D as the Chairman of the LSPR Centre for SDG’s.

Dr Yang Mee Eng as the Executive Director of ASEAN Foundation also said that “We are very excited to sign the MoU with Forest Interactive Foundation. We hope that this MoU can strengthen our effort to accelerate the achievement of SDG in ASEAN. As an ASEAN body, we’re encouraged to build stronger partnerships with stakeholders tackling the most pressing issues in the region. This MoU embodies it perfectly.”