Jakarta, Indonesia, 7th June 2022: ASEAN PUBLIC RELATIONS NETWORK (APRN) in Association with the INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP ASSOCIATION and LSPR COMMUNICATION AND BUSINESS INSTITUTE held the INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP on 7th June 2022 at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium & Performance Hall, Campus B, LSPR Communication and Business Institute – Jakarta. Two notable speakers were invited and participants from LSPR External Partners such as representatives from Embassy of the Philippines, Ra Simatupang Jakarta, Oakwood Suites La Maison Jakarta, PT Polytama Propindo, AHLI and many others.

The conference started with welcoming remarks from Taufan Teguh Akbari, Ph.D the Vice Rector III of LSPR Communication and Business Institute and Chairman of LSPR Centre for Leadership. This was followed by remarks from Candy Hernandez, M.Si, FAPR, Director of International Relations and Partnership Office LSPR Communication & Business Institute & Managing Director of ASEAN PR Network.

This workshop is also inviting two remarkable main speakers. Professor Mike Hardy CMG OBE FRSA, Chair of International Leadership Association & Founding Director of the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University, UK. Prof. Mike had insightful and inspiring material “Leadership for Sustainability in the Digital Age” followed with case studies, where each participant could join the discussion with each other. Also, Marvie Samala the Regional Retail Consultant for Indonesia and Philippines delivered an insightful presentation about Leadership.

Ibu Prita Kemal Gani stated “Leaders are not born. To be a leader, must be built even from a very young age. To be a leader, we need to learn to be responsible, to be patient, to be consistent and to have commitment, to be punctual, accurate and accountable and to be the best and always want to produce good work. When we need someone to trust and to count on like a mother, a father, a friend for advice to oversee the things that we can’t see, and a shoulder to lean on, at that time we will need a leader.”

Talking about Leadership for sustainability in the digital age, Prof. Mike Hardy expressed “The future will belong to the ready and to those who understand a changed world. We are experiencing a collapse of everyday life, of income, of ways of living and working, and of a recognizable world. We watch as some cope better than others; some appear more comfortable and being comfortable is a critical first step in taking and creating opportunity to contribute. Leadership in the digital age has to have better practices such as, expect change, hear multiple opinions, rules can help but can be broken, find strength in unexpected places, and reward success with autonomy.”

Ms. Marvie Samala stated “Leadership should be more about integrity where you do the right thing when no one is watching. Be a visionary and a missionary. You have to listen first and speak last, empathize with seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another. You have to praise your team, use your influence and use your power, where it’s all about empowering people and empowering your team to become the best version of themselves.”

This workshop is also one of the series of events after the International Leadership Association (ILA) Asia Pacific was successfully launched in Bali, on 4th June 2022. LSPR also launched LSPR Centre for Leadership (LSCL) on Thursday, 27th May 2022, where its role is to help develop and enhance today’s and tomorrow’s leaders specifically for student leadership capability.