On Friday, May 20th 2016, in Canisius College Menteng, held an event called ASEAN Goes to School in collaboration with China Mission. This event was meant to inform and in depth discussion what is done within countries located in ASEAN and China. Mr Ke Yousheng, The Political Counselor of China Mission, mentioned there are many ventures which have been done, one of ventures which currently running is the development of fast train route Jakarta – Bandung, which later will run 250km/hour fast so that route Jakarta – Bandung can be run in only 35 minutes. There was also Student’s Presentation, where the representative of Canisius College Jakarta and the representative of St. Ursulla Jakarta presented what they have already known about ventures of ASEAN – China and gave the vision of what can be done in the future. Besides, this event presented various performances by Alessandra and Gerardo Tanor who sang Asean Song of Unity and China’s song – Number One, also many dance performances, Saman Dance and Chinese Traditional Dance, by LSPR Dance. This event was attended by Romo Heru – Principal of Canisius College, Yuliana Riana – Head of Center for Asean Public Relations Studies, Dr Lestari – Head of Research Center LSPR, and Yolanda Stellarosa – Head of Thesis Undergraduate Program LSPR. (Yolanda N)

Source: http://www.lspr.edu/lsprnews/asean-goes-to-school/