27 July 2022: Global Alliance in collaboration with Corporate Reputation, Spain, GA Asia Pacific, ASEAN PR Network and Institute Public Relations Malaysia successfully held APPROACHING THE FUTURE 2022 key findings. This event was held virtually on Wednesday, 27 July 2022 and the participants came from Asia-Pacific countries, Spain and many more.

The event was hosted by the esteemed Mr. Jaffri Amin Osman MIPR, FIPR, FAPR, MCIPR – Chair for Global Alliance Asia-Pacific & Vice President of Institute PR Malaysia. The opening remarks were from Ms. Candy Hernandez, M.Si – Managing Director of ASEAN PR Network who gave a warm welcome to all members in the audience. Mr. Jaffri then gave the screen to Dr. Clara Fontan, Director of Intelligence & Knowledge of Corporate Excellence (Centre for Reputation Leadership) who presented the key findings of Approaching the Future 2022.

“Almost half of the companies are working on communication systems and it’s something important to them. When we ask them what they are doing, the theme that they are working on the most inside of the communication area would be in developing new format and content. So what we see is organisations are becoming media platforms and they are looking for people who can create content, e-stories and using theatre as a cinema mechanism to tell their own e-stories. So, we are seeing how they are creating a lot of content to try to engage in a highway or in a bigger scale with key and stakeholders. When we ask about the most important challenges that they are facing in communication, their answer according to the data in this year’s result would be the savvy of implementing measurement models to test if we are effective with these channels and content that we are using.”, Dr. Clara explained.

After the presentation from Dr. Clara ends, Mr. Jafri gave his closing remarks and then the event finished with a group photo of all the speakers and participants.