This year is a historic year for cooperation on ASEAN-China partnership as it enters the age of 25 years. China has played an important role and contribute positively in favor of the establishment of ASEAN Community.
History of the Republic of China on becoming ASEAN Dialogue Partners
The relationship between ASEAN and Republic of China has started informally in 1991. The Republic of China was then inaugurated as a full dialogue partner of ASEAN at the 29th ASEAN Ministerial in Jakarta in 1996. Priority areas of cooperation between ASEAN and China include agriculture, energy, information and communications technology, human resources, mutual investment, transport, culture, education, tourism and public health.
On 18 November 2011, coincided with the Summit (Summit) 14th ASEAN-Republic of China, the ASEAN-China Centre was established as a center to promote cooperation in trading, investment, education and cultural exchanges between ASEAN and China.

Cooperation in the field of education between the ASEAN-China is very important because China has a very good quality in education. The Mission of the People’s Republic of China has a program in the field of education that aims to strengthen the friendship and cooperation. Through the program of Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (MOFCOM), there is a series of seminars in China, as well as full-scholarship Master and PhD programmes of prestigious Chinese Universities to facilitate the participants and candidates from ASEAN members.

In 2016, Centre For ASEAN Public Relations Studies, (CAPRS) LSPR Jakarta received this special occasion by sending some of its researchers to participate in the International Seminar in China. Up to September 2016 there have been three researchers and lecturers LSPR Jakarta who follow the international seminar: 1) Dr. Rino F Boer in Seminar for Scholar and Think Tank from Countries Along The Belt and Road at Beijing, May 11- 31, 2016; 2) Yovi Bathesta, M.Pd in the Seminar on Building a Free Trade Zone for Countries in Belt and Road Areas, July 13th – August2nd, 2016 at Beijing and 3) Rani Chandra Oktaviani, M.Si in Seminar on The Construction of National Standardization Capacity along the Belt and Road Countries, August 9th – 24th, 2016 at Changsha. In addition, one of the research and lecturer’s assistants of CAPRS LSPR Jakarta also received a scholarship for a Master’s Degree program, Cyntia Keliat, S.I.Kom to study Master of Administration in Huazhing University of Science & Technology. The partnership in education between ASEAN and China will help ASEAN countries to improve the quality of education in order to build a superior human resources.

On Friday, August 26, 2016, Chinese Ambassador to ASEAN, H. E Xu Bu invited LSPR team to join his dinner reception at his residence, on the occasion of a visiting group of teacher and students from Tongji University, one of the leading universities in China.

This meeting was held by BU Xu H.E as the opening-educational cooperation between the LSPR Jakarta and Tongji University in the future for student and lecturer exchanges programme.