With the global COVID-19 pandemic, we all know this is an uncertain time for everyone and I am sure many of you are thinking about what to do right now.

This pandemic has sparked a lot of questions among ourselves as well as taught us lessons to learn.  Indeed, this is a virus which knows no borders and where no country can manage alone but only mutual assistance and support can solve this problem.

As the ASEAN community is furthering its efforts in reviewing and assessing the enhanced cooperation in regional preparedness, response strategies and counter measures, we as the Public Relations community in ASEAN are committed to uphold the spirit of hope to withstand this pandemic, to display friendship and unity in collectively handling the outbreak by learning together the in-depth knowledge of COVID-19 by sharing facts and information sensibly and ethically.  We have to challenge ourselves as communication experts to continue to enhance communication and cooperation with relevant parties, including the ASEAN in an open, transparent and responsible manner, to make due contributions to the regional and global public health security.

Together we can overcome this.  Let our profession be the voice to the public who deserve to know more about COVID-19 and how we can win the battle against this pandemic and prepare for a post-pandemic recovery.

We pray and hope for the safety and good health of everyone.

Happy work from Home!


Prita Kemal Gani


Asean Public Relations Network.