PR Corner is a talk show program that talks about the world of Public Relations (PR) in a relaxed yet informative way and features speakers who are leaders in the PR Industry of Indonesia in collaboration with Radio 105.8 Lite FM. Since 15 September 2014, this talk show is aired live every Monday.

On the 2nd of November 2015, PR corner will talk about “PR Journey: the Sustainable Path to Trust and Reputation” with Prita Kemal Gani as Host and also Agung Laksmana, Director Corporate Affairs at APRIL, the Head of BPP Perhumas 2014-2017 and Tarsih Ekaputra KNH 2015 as the guest speakers. “PR Journey: the Sustainable Path to Trust and Reputation” will air on Radio 105.8 Lite FM on Monday at 20.00-21.00.

The mentioned topic is regarding trust, which is a key word in Public Relations. It is important to build trust in PR activities. Trust is a process that a PR person has to go through to build a reputation. The credibility in PR can be defined on how the accuracy and the truth of a message that have been sent. Credibility is far from truth, but they connected in some way.