PR Corner ‘Social Media for Public Relations’ is a program that discusses the importance and role of social media for public relations nowadays. PR Corner is a program created by Prita Kemal Gani (founder and CEO of the London School of Public Relations Jakarta) by Lite fm. The event was hosted by Prita Kemal Gani as host and Kevin Onyx as co-hosts. PR Corner held in the Auditorium Prof. Dr Djajusman performance & hall on Monday, 11/10/14. Also invited Nukman Luthfie (social media expert), Rene Suhardono (author and speaker), and Arifin Asydhad (Chief Editor as speakers and performers. In addition to discussing the importance and the role of social media for a public relations, various tips and an introduction to the world of digital media in public relations is also given by the speakers.

PR Corner ‘Social Media for Public Relations’ also provides an opportunity for participants to be able to give questions to the speakers and can be answered directly by the speakers. LSPR band opened the show with a rendition of a traditional Papuan ‘Yamko Rambe Yamko’ and the second song entitled ‘Rather Be’ of the Clean band and continued playing video profiles of the performers (Nukman Luthfie, Rene Suhardono, Arifin Asydhad), Host (Prita Kemal Gani), co-host (Kevin Onyx).

PR relationship with the media is how to build so whatever we want to be loaded in the media. This situation changed completely when the public would no longer associated with the medium, the meaning is the way to consume media has changed. Through this talk show participants are expected to understand more deeply about the advantage of Public Relations for Social Media. Participants PR Corner this time is quite enthusiastically ask questions to the speakers to ask many things about social media. (Vyrana, Citra, Debora)