Wed, 17th March 2022: MarketingPulse successfully held “Future of PR – Post Pandemic” at Asia’s Premier Marketing and e-Tailing Virtual Conferences Talk for the first time, offering Asia’s marketers, agencies and e-commerce experts a comprehensive knowledge exchange and partnership building platform.

Obtaining market intelligence, connection, and how to innovatively develop and enhance customer experiences were the inspirational talks from leading brands and creative minds, with practical know-how workshops on digital strategies, as well as unparalleled networking opportunities to connect with experts in Hong Kong and all around the world.

Held virtually a 2-day conference on 16th to 17th March 2022, MarketingPulse led the discussion with various related topics. One of those sessions brought the topic of “Future of PR – Post Pandemic”, with Mr. Jaffri Amin Osman, Asia Pacific Chair for Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management (GA) and Vice-President at Institute Public Relations Malaysia and also Ms. Clara Shek, the President of Ogilvy Public Relations Hong Kong and Advisor at Hong Kong Public Relations Professionals’ Association invited to share their expertise for the session.

Moderated by Ms. Agnes Hui as the President for Public Relations Professionals Association and Head of Corporate Communications for The Wharf Group and attended by Prof. Huimin Guo the Vice President and Director of the Academic Committee for China International Public, “Future of PR – Post Pandemic” the session was successfully delivered with an insightful and interactive discussion.

COVID-19 pandemic, as well as Omicron, has affected the world with people having different impacts and reactions. Hence, many PR Experts have been communicating about how through the PR Profession we could turn crisis into opportunities.

As Mr. Jaffri mentioned in his presentation, “Be there and be SQUARE, S-Q-U-A-R-E. We feel that the past two years and now from 2022 onwards, what has got to be Strategic, Quick, Unique, Agile, Resourceful. And, we put three E’s that for consideration number one, this word Empathy must come into play. Number two, the word Ethical behavior has got to come to play. And finally, with all the strategies and tactics we have as a PR practitioner if you don’t have Engagement and is not engaging, it doesn’t work. Therefore, SQUARE which stands for being strategic, quick, unique, agile, resourceful, and being engaging and ethical with empathy, as the icing is critical. So we need to consider SQUARE from 2022 onwards. And that has come to play more so with this digital disruption and the transformation that’s happening.”