Jakarta, 14 July 2020: Providing insights and perspectives on public relations and communication management in the “New Norm” was the purpose for the ASEAN PR Network to organize a 3-part series Virtual Forum in July.  In cooperation with Global Alliance of PR and Communication Management (GA), the Webforum series-1 was held on 14th of July and invited communication experts from Malaysia, China and Spain.

With the main theme “The New Communication Approach in Understanding the New Norm”, the speakers shared their expert insights on effective communication management during the coronavirus pandemic as a key to safeguarding businesses and preparing for the future.

The first speaker, Dato’ Sri Haji Ibrahim Abdul Rahman, the President of Institute of PR Malaysia and the former Director General Department of Information, shared how the Malaysia government implemented their communication management’s best practices during the pandemic and to what extent the Malaysia government applies two-way communication with its citizens. He also shared some approaches that can be replicated by other government leaders such as Indonesia.

The discussion continued with a very impressive presentation by Ms. Yin Xiaodong, the Founder of 17PR.com which is a large PR professional association in China, about how we understand the ‘New Norm’ and why every organization’s leader should show empathy and be socially responsible towards the community at large.  She also mentioned new communication approaches that the Chinese government and civil societies have implemented to encourage individual members of the society to participate in its service to its community.

And lastly, the speaker from Spain, Jose Manuel Velasco, shared his insights on how company leaders should address the aspect of their internal communication and what the best way is to encourage more employee engagement.

The forum was participated by audiences from around the ASEAN region and the dynamic discussion was moderated by LSPR’s expert lecturer Syafiq Basri Assegaff.  The 2nd series of the Webforum, “Revisiting CSR and Sustainability in the Region in the Era of the New Normal”, will be held on Tuesday 21st of July at 6.30 pm via Zoom.