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  2. Public Relations tips and insight.
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  4. Get profession certification discount in LSPR – Jakarta.
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  6. Networking with Public Relations Practitioners and Academician in ASEAN countries.
  7. The Member (Academician/Practitioner) can be the speaker in the ASEAN Public Relations Talks.
  8. Networking with professionals in the communications industry all over South-East Asia region.
  9. Access to ASEAN PR Directory (members can go online and check the PR Practitioners, PR Educators, and PR Association directory of membership).
  10. An opportunity to promote event at APRN official website.
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  18. There will be two big ASEAN Public Relations event held per year collaborated with Centre for ASEAN Public Relations Studies (CAPRS), The London School of Public Relations Jakarta.
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  20. Special privileges and discount in joining workshops or events held by APRN and its affiliates.
  21. Able to contribute in APRN and CAPRS journal.