Ms. Candy Hernandez visited Global News Network (GNN) of the Philippines. She met with Mr. Benedict who is the Director of National Press Club in the Philippines, where he confirmed that GNN will be one of the media partners attending the ASEAN PR Conference 2017.

GNN started in 2003 as a community channel which broadcasted the community news, travel shows, music videos, old movies, and infomercials. In 2007 it expanded into Philippine Cable TV that delivered news and programs to all TV cable operators nationwide.

There are different GNN programs available that help cater to the audience’s time and program needs. Some examples are:

GNN Mornings which is dedicated to educating the public with knowledge in the stock market, business insights, financial matters and economics.

GNN Afternoons which focuses on congressional hearings both in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

GNN Prime-time Programs usually aired in the evenings. This has multiple talk programs that tackle relevant issues which shape and affect society. Business and living is one category where talk shows feature different facets of life from fashion, arts, travel, medicine, business, and government financial institutions.

Over its years, GNN has progressed from a simple community television show to a very informative and educational broadcasting provider. This is definitely something that benefits the countries it is aired in and helps keep them updated and educated about the world.