2016 has given us all the reasons why we – as an industry and as the Global Alliance – need to stand strong in 2017.

Firstly, globalization has been called into doubt: The debate about how globalization can be a force for good, has often turned into one about how it can be reversed. In news- as well as locker rooms across the world, the question seems no longer how, but if we want the exchange of people, goods and ideas. Secondly, emotion often beat expertise in 2016: fake facts, real fears and false hopes have fired up public debate, instead of arguments crafted to sustain relationships and understanding.

Both globalization and expertise are at the core of the Global Alliance’s mission. We therefore feel there’s never been a better year to stand up for them and to promote globalization and expertise in public relations.

We’re particularly proud to support the expertise in our industry with our new online learning programme. Thanks to our member PRSA, all Global Alliance members will have access to PRSA’s online education, including dozens of webinars and certification courses. You can find the on-demand courses here and the webinars here. With a promotional code, your members can register at the significantly reduced PRSA rate and your association will receive $50 per online registration. Every GA member association has its own promotional code, so make sure to request yours from the GA executive centre. Afterwards, you can use the following message to promote the online learning Programme: message template.

Bali – an island that’s been at the crosscurrents of globalization for centuries and still has preserved its heritage – will be the location of our regional conference in 2017. Please mark your calendar for the ASEAN Public Relations Conference on 20-23 September 2017. As all GA conferences, this gathering will be about discovering global standards while celebrating diversity

I look forward to standing up with as many of you as possible in 2017 and I wish us all a meaningful year.