Wednesday, 2nd June 2021: In celebrating the ceremony and euphoria of the 7th Anniversary of ASEAN PR Network, we send our deepest gratitude to all family & friends for your continuous support and contribution for the past 7 year journey with ASEAN PR Network. Throwback to the past 7 years, here are the brief highlights of the 7-year journey with ASEAN PR Network:

  1. Inauguration of ASEAN PR Network

ASEAN PR Network held its inauguration on the 2nd of June 2014 at the ASEAN Secretariat – Jakarta, Indonesia. Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani MBA, MCIPR, APR (Founder & President of APRN) along with other PR leaders of other ASEAN countries attended the Inauguration. It was also witnessed by H.E. Amb. Rahmat Pramono (Former Permanent Representative of Republic of Indonesia – designate, Permanent Mission of The Republic of Indonesia to ASEAN) and H.E. I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja (the ASEAN – SOM Leader Indonesia, Former Director General for ASEAN Cooperation).

  1. The First ASEAN Public Relations Network Conference – Jakarta

The first ASEAN PR Network conference was held on the 3rd of June 2014 at the LSPR Communication and Business Institute Auditorium and Performance Hall Jakarta. APRN invited so many high calibre PR leaders across ASEAN countries and it was attended by over 300 participants from academician, PR professionals, students and many more.

  1. ASEAN PR Summit in Batam

ASEAN PR Network in collaboration with Serikat Perusahaan Pers (Union of Press Company) held the ASEAN PR Summit in Batam on the 5th February 2015 at Harris Hotel Batam Center with the theme of “Public Relations Practices in the ASEAN Economic Community: Friendship and Mutual Understanding among ASEAN Practitioners”. The event was in conjunction with the Indonesia National Press Day.

  1. ASEAN Talks

“ASEAN Talks” was a series of events held by ASEAN PR Network in collaboration with LSPR Centre for ASEAN Studies to discuss issues in ASEAN where public relations is important to narrow the gap among ASEAN by disseminating information on ASEAN and endorse friendship and understanding between each other.

  1. ASEAN Business Talks at MAC Jakarta “ASEAN PR PRENEUR”

ASEAN PR Network (APRN) in collaboration with Mercantile Athletic Club (MAC) create a venue to talk about a variety of topics, issues and trends that are prevailing in a particular business sector in relation to the implementation of ASEAN policies. This event was a series of business talks inviting high-calibre and expert speakers to share their knowledge and experience.

  1. ASEAN Public Relations Conference in Bali

ASEAN PR Network and Global Alliance and Communication Management held the GA ASEAN Regional Conference chaired by Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani. The ASEAN Public Relations Conference titled “Communicating ASEAN’s Global

Competitiveness” invited experts and scholars to discuss issues of relevance to the ASEAN region in the fields of public relations and communications. The conference also comprised of pre-conference events including a Call for Abstracts/Posters for the International Conference in ASEAN Public Relations, a free Workshop for Association Leaders presented by the Global Alliance of Public Relations and Communication Management and a Gala Dinner Awarding Night to recognize regional excellence in Public Relations.

  1. ASEAN Public Relations Conference and ASEAN PR Excellence Awards in Kuching, Malaysia

In conjunction with Visit Sarawak Year 2019, APRN held The International PR conference in Kuching Malaysia on April 29th 2019 in collaboration with Global Alliance for PR and Communication Management, Institute PR Malaysia and World Comm. It highlighted landmark issues in Public Relations particularly on how PR Professionals engage with the international world. The conference was a huge success as APRN invited so many PR leaders from all over the world and awarded the Best PR Practices and Agencies in the ASEAN countries.

  1. ASEAN SPOT Talk Series

ASEAN SPOT is a creative networking platform situated in Jakarta, Indonesia with a vision of building a unified strategic ecosystem in the heart of ASEAN. ASEAN SPOT aims to connect SPOT-ters (members) through four key pillars; Socialize, Promote, Optimize and Transform. As of now, ASEAN SPOT has conducted its 9th series of Talk Series. Many world calibre PR experts invited to speak included, Mr. Justin Green President of Global Alliance and Former President of PR Institute of Ireland, H.E Robert Matheus Michael Tene Deputy Secretary-General ASEAN for Community & Corporate Affairs, Mr. H.E. Kim Chang-Beom the Ambassador of South Korea to Indonesia, Prof. Anne Gregory, PhD Professor at University of Huddersfield (UK), Mr Jaffri Amin Osman, APR, FAPR, Hon. FAPR, Vice President of Institute PR Malaysia, and Mr. Jusuf  Hamka

  1. Kuala Lumpur International PR Conference 2020

ASEAN PR Network in collaboration with World Comm Malaysia and supported by Institute PR Malaysia successfully organized Kuala Lumpur International PR Conference at Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur on the 14th of November 2019. The conference had speakers from all over the world; China, New Zealand, India, to Vietnam. It was also attended by CEO’s, Company Directors, PR professionals, PR Agencies, students and many others.

  1. APRN – GA WEBFORUM Series

During the Corona Pandemic, APRN has succeeded in organizing the Global Alliance Web forum series attended by over 300 participants coming from many different countries. It was a virtual seminar organized by ASEAN PR Network and Global Alliance and conducted every Tuesday in July 2020. This series focused on various topics about CSR, Management and communication crisis during the pandemic. APRN invited speakers from all over the world to share their experience and knowledge on their respective country during the pandemic.

  1. APRN PR Diaries July 2020

Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani President of ASEAN PR Network hosted the series Women in PR known as APRN PR diaries. PR Diaries also invited many PR leaders from all over the world to share their experiences and knowledge. The event was a huge success as APRN received great feedback and testimonials regarding the event, especially when the pandemic started. PR Diaries became one of the platforms for PR professionals, experts or students to keep learning and upscale themselves in the time of crisis.

  1. Kuala Lumpur International PR Conference 2021

After the successful event in 2019, World Comm Malaysia in collaboration with ASEAN PR Network (APRN) supported by Institute PR Malaysia and Global Alliance for PR and Communication Management once again held The Kuala Lumpur International PR Conference (KLIP 2021) bringing together international delegates to Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia on 1 December 2020 in a Live Webinar format from 08.30 am – 5 pm Malaysia Time.

  1. PR Beyond 2020

World Comm Malaysia in collaboration with ASEAN PR Network held an online webinar “PR BEYOND 2020 ASEAN SERIES” with the theme “Unique Times & Tactics: Mco (Movement Control Order) & Post Mco Internal & External Communication Excellence”. The webinar conducted through Zoom Meeting on Thursday, 24th September 2020 included more than 150 participants from all over ASEAN. Communication experts from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand shared their thoughts and views on how their organisations and industries in each country planned, coped and most importantly, communicated their way out of the recent MCO

  1. Global Alliance Education and Training Month

ASEAN PR Network and Global Alliance successfully delivered insightful and compelling content programs from over 100 presentations from PR experts around the world to over 40,000 people from across Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, India Middle-East, Latin America, and North American, including extended programs in both China and Russia.
It was the biggest global experience for our communication profession’s education, training, and resources. It included contributions from Singapore, Brazil, Belgium, Finland, Argentina, Spain, Bangladesh, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China, Switzerland, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ireland, Kenya, Italy, The Philippines, Netherlands, Russia, Denmark, Nigeria, Portugal, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the United Kingdom and the United States of America.  Full details of each session are available on Global Alliance website and ASEAN PR Network YouTube Channel.

For the past 7 years, ASEAN PR Network has also been actively supporting and contributing in events and activities held by our partners such as the annual Public Relations Society of the Philippines “PRSP: AMPLIFY National Public Relations Congress, Global Alliance World Public Relations Forum, and Global Alliance Regional Conference in China and many more.

And of course there were so many other activities and support from ASEAN PR Network partners that we could not mention here one by one. ASEAN PR Network has achieved so many successes because of the support from all the APRN partners, members, and friends & family, therefore, we are committed to make sure the next journey of ASEAN PR Network will give contribute and benefit society more.