Wednesday, July 13 2016, Honorary Council of APRN gathered together to participate in the Focus Group Discussion which occurred in preparation of the ASEAN Regional PR Conference 2017. This Regional PR Conference will be held as a commemoration of the 50th ASEAN Anniversary in 2017.

This conference is expected to be a reference based on the achievement for any other international conferences in ASEAN countries. The President of APRN, Ibu Prita Kemal Gani also stated that a steering committee and operational committee will be formed soon to implement the plan as soon as possible.

This ASEAN Regional Conference is open not only for professionals but also for academician and students. Thus, call for papers will also be part of the program. APRN team is very eager to participate in the preparation process to ensure that PR practitioners, PR academicians and PR students across the ASEAN region and Non-ASEAN region gain great benefits from the conference in terms of knowledge and networking.