ASEAN Public Relations Network has taken the opportunity to organize a board member meeting on the 4th of April in Singapore, with the respected board members of APRN. One of the aims of this meeting includes evaluation of past achievements of APRN and also discussion on strategic planning for future initiatives of APRN. The attendees of the meeting were the board members of APRN from Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. This is the first board meeting APRN has planned to organize since the inauguration of the association in 2014. The agenda of the board meeting includes giving an overview of the achievements of APRN within the past year, setting future activities/events for APRN, seeking suggestions from the board members and discussing of role of APRN to create a regional development plan for the PR profession.

A Focus Group Discussion was also a part of the board meeting, where there was a discussion among PR leaders in ASEAN on how communication in the region has changed and challenged with the establishment of ASEAN Economic Community.

APRN is pleased that this Focus Group Discussion (FGD) has brought ideas and advice from the board members which will be a contribution to great results of the future projects of APRN.