The Iconomics: Indonesia Public Relations Association (PERHUMAS) evaluates that the concept of environmental, social and governance (ESG) is not only seen as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) but that the right implementation of ESG will bring a positive impact to corporate, stakeholders and society.

Head of the Convention, Perhumas Excellence and Anugrah Perhumas Awards Development, Emilia Bassar stated that by implementing ESG, companies can minimise the negative aspects, either from fundamental, social, and governance elements. “So, in essence, ESG is also about improvement,’ said Emilia at the Comms Outlook 2024: Adaptive & Optimistic event, organized by The Iconomics at Metropole XXI, Jakarta, on Monday (29/1) yesterday.”

Emilia also stated, ESG has become one of the considerations for investors when they want to invest. Therefore, ESG Implementation has also become one of the important things to enhance public trust.

“This also requires process which aims to enhance consumer, stakeholder and investor trust, while also fulfilling the needs of stakeholders,” said Emilia.

The Implementation of ESG, Emilia stated, will be strengthened from the message delivered by the companies. These messages must be understood by the public and stakeholders, so the ESG concept can be fully executed.

“If our ESG objectives are strong and clear, it is easy to craft a message that is easily understood by stakeholders and garner support for the implementation of ESG practices within the company,” said Emilia.

On the other hand, Emilia said, company transparency regarding the implemented ESG program is an inseparable part. Companies can show to the public that ESG Implementation will bring a positive impact.

“So, all of this is actually something we want to deliver, and how we can narrate the process and performance effectively to stakeholders, public and also internally,” said Emilia.

According to Emilia, communication plays an important role in the implementation of ESG in every organisation and company. Through effective and interesting information delivery, a company or organisation can showcase the ESG programs that have been done up to now”

“We can demonstrate the organisation and company progress, and motivate stakeholders to showcase and support the organisation goals that have a positive impact on the environment, society and the world,” she said.